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Thank You BTB And Cowboy Fans For Your Support; Time To Say Goodbye To The Front Page!

When I first started writing FanPosts on BTB, I was just having fun, but when I applied for one of the FPW positions and was accepted, I was just elated. How blessed I have been to be among some of the best, if not the best to author articles about my favorite team.

With Romo, Super Bowls are indeed possible.
With Romo, Super Bowls are indeed possible.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to Dave, the father of this blog, and all of my FPW siblings for all the camaraderie and great times together for these past 12 months that began with my first front page post on 6-24-2014. I have also learned a lot and hope I have imparted some words of wisdom and insights of my own. I have been having difficulty in holding up my end of things as far as generating articles due to a lot of different reasons, but I hope to continue to contribute in the FanPost section and in the comments because I not only still have a great time commenting, I also feel that I have made many friends there as well.

It would be easy to think that as you get to my age of 71 that you would have more free time to write articles and just hang out in the comments section at BTB, but there is this thing called working for a living.

I can feel good about many things during this period of writing for the best blog on the net, and can feel like I can take that experience and memories with me in my old age. Oh, and not to forget, I got to work with the Google (OCC), the all knowing. Whenever any of us needed help, the Googs was there in a heartbeat, and I still stand in awe!

If my ship ever comes in to where I can afford to stay home and just spend all of the time I want on this site, perhaps I can grace the front page again if they will have me. But in the meantime I will have to settle for the arrival of my canoe instead.

This is going to be a  fun year for Cowboys fans. For the first time since the '90s, I feel it is realistic to think that there are, once again, multiple Super Bowls in the very near future. Every year since those Super Bowl winning teams, my realistic projections have been 10-6, but for the first year since then, I am thinking deep runs in the playoffs are realistic and better than 10-6 records are very possible. (If the team health stays good.)

Thanks again to all who have supported my efforts and see ya'll around the FanPosts and Comments section.

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