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DeMarcus Lawrence: Game-Changer For The Cowboys In The 2015 Season?

Second year defensive lineman DeMarcus Lawrence is poised to be the breakout player in the Cowboys defensive front.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys fans were excited to see the team select a first-round talent at defensive end with their second-round pick in the most recent NFL draft. Securing that kind of talent is always a good thing for a club. Also causing excitement is the potential of this group of rushmen and what they will be able to do this coming season but that is not based solely on the presence of Mr. Gregory. The singing of pass rushing phenom Greg Hardy is only part of that equation, too. Some of that excitement has been spurred on by another young player.

DeMarcus Lawrence is poised to assert himself as the Dallas Cowboys go-to pass rush guy. The second-year defensive end out of Boise State now has a year's worth of experience under his belt and has matured greatly as a player. He is now a smarter player thanks to the education he received last season, and he will have the benefit of being in the offseason program for the full time. It is time for his hard work to start paying off.

Most pass rushers begin to show their true potential in their second season. We saw this with the other DeMarcus, a Mr. Ware, back in the mid 2000's. Ware had fist first double-digit sack season as a sophomore. It is true that Ware had a more productive rookie season than the one that Lawrence had, but then too Ware was not dealing with the impact of a broken foot ,either. A similar lift in production would put Lawrence on the map as far as NFL pass rushers are concerned and the pressure he will add will go a long way toward elevating the Cowboys defense in the league rankings.

DeMarcus Lawrence is an athlete who can alter the flow of the game at any time simply by doing what the team brought him in to accomplish. It is one thing for an admitted kool aid drinking writer to say those words, but that praise did not come from yours truly. They originated from someone who knows a little bit about rushing the passer, Ring Of Honor member and Pro Football Hall Of Famer Randy White. The Manster has been highly impressed with what Lawrence has shown thus far in the pre-preseason..

"I watched him today and that guy can move like a cat. He's pretty impressive out there. He can be a game-changer out there if he can continue to improve and play the way he did at the end of the year, I think he can be a great player for them." - Randy White

When a pass rusher of the Manster's magnitude sings the praises of a defensive lineman, I listen. His comments are the latest sign that the Cowboys are hoping to experience the return of a game changing stud on the defensive front. When you add in the fact that Lawrence is going to have upgraded talent around him it becomes tempting to start thinking of what may soon come to pass. The Cowboys may soon have a defense that is to be feared, as they did in each Super Bowl winning season. That will all start with the development of my pick to be the defensive breakout playerbof the season, DeMarcus Lawrence.

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