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Will McClay: Cowboys Wanted To Add Quality Depth, Increase Competition

The Cowboys understand that teams that succeed have depth, and that's what they set out to get this offseason.

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Over the past few days and weeks here at Blogging The Boys, we’ve been focusing a lot on depth and the quality of depth the Cowboys appear to have heading into 2015. Here are some of the articles we’ve published on the topic this month:

And given the strong focus on depth this month, it was a pleasant surprise to see a video on the mothership of Bryan Broaddus going 1-on-1 with Senior Director of Player Personnel Will McClay to talk, among other things, about depth. Here’s a transcript of the short interview. As usual, all transcription errors are mine.


Broaddus: Joined here by Senior Director of Player Personnel for the Cowboys Will McClay. Will, [you] finished up all the minicamps, all the OTAs, [is the] team looking like you envisioned going into training camp?

McClay: Looking good in t-shirts and shorts. That’s why it’s called the underwear Olympics. Getting the mechanics and basics down so that we can go in and see the physical ability, I think that’s the key.

Broaddus: In scouting, we always talk about protecting yourself. The roster, the depth of the roster and all that. In looking at the moves and stuff you made, it seems like you did a nice job of protecting yourself at a lot of different positions. Especially like at running back as well.

McClay: I think that’s the key. The teams that succeed down the long road that Jerry and Steven talk about all the time, they have depth. So we wanted to try and find quality depth, and build that while increasing the competition.

Broaddus: Are there certain positions you’re looking at right now? Even though we have the next four or five weeks to sit back and evaluate our team a little more, that you might make a move or two before training camp?

McClay: We’re always looking to improve and if that opportunity comes and it makes sense, we’ve got to improve. And that what we do, look at the roster, look at waivers, what’s going on, what’s out there and try to improve.

Broaddus: This is one of the first camps in the last couple of years where Tony Romo has actually been able to participate in all the workouts. Talk about what that means to you as a personnel and front office guy going into camp.

McClay: It’s a quarterback league. And when you have one of the best quarterbacks in the league and he’s healthy, you feel good about that. And then with Brandon Weeden having another year in the same system, the development of the young guys, you feel good about that position. We’re always going to try to look at that position as well, but we’re glad we got Tony.

Broaddus: You added an elite pass rusher in Greg Hardy. We don’t know what the suspension is going to entail, might be ten, might be two, we don’t know that. But talk about how rare it is to get a talent like that.

McClay: Again, we’re always trying to improve the team so when that opportunity comes about, we want to do that. And then you add Randy Gregory. We increased the speed of our team in the pass rush ability.

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