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Mark Your Calendars: Cowboys Games That Could Be Special Matchups

If one analysis is right, Dallas fans are looking at some epic contests this year featuring some of the most outstanding personnel in the entire league - especially since they have one of the best of the best wearing the Star.

The fireworks are coming this season.
The fireworks are coming this season.
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Professional football just seems like the center of our universe to those of us who have a certain addiction to watching the game (raises hand). In that thing called real life, it is actually a ridiculously successful and profitable form of entertainment. But not all games are equal. Some are dreary contests between struggling teams. Others are one-sided affairs where the lesser franchise is clearly overmatched. But some games feature special talents and must-see matchups that draw the attention of all, even if you have no particular rooting interest in either side. And for fans of one of the teams involved in those exceptional pairings, it is very special watching, indeed.

This year, Cowboys fans should be buckling their seatbelts, because according to one take on the top impact players in the league, we are in for some very exciting things indeed.

Just to sum it up for those who don't want to watch the video, here are the top five impact players from the video, in descending order:

Ndamukong Suh, Miami Dolphins

Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys

Darrelle Revis, New York Jets

Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots

J.J. Watt, Houston Texans

Obviously, the NFL schedule does have on thing in common with life in that it is not fair. AFC East fans are going to get a display of tremendous talent every divisional game. And both the Cowboys and the Texans play the AFC East this year, so they get an extra helping of superb matchups as well. All five teams, of course, get to watch one of these outstanding players every game. Dallas and Houston even play in the preseason, but given that it is the last of those tuneups, both Bryant and Watt may not even see the field, or would just be out there for an extremely limited number of snaps.

Outside that one quibble, this is shaping up to be a year of Cowboys games that are even more enticing than normal. Not only do we have every game (assuming that holdout nonsense goes away) to watch the top wide receiver in the league torment opposing secondaries and the always riveting divisional matchups against our most fierce rivals, we have these games with just a bit more to catch our attention in 2015 (All times are as currently scheduled).

October 11 (4:25 ET): Patriots @ Cowboys. An early test for Orlando Scandrick and the linebackers as Gronk comes calling. Even if Tom Brady does not weasel out of his deflategate suspension, this should be exciting to watch.

November 1 (4:25 ET): Seahawks @ Cowboys. Seattle will remember that game last season where Dallas made everyone sit up and take notice that this was not going to be the same Cowboys as the previous few years. After gifting Seattle points to start the game, they went on to dominate the defending champions in their own house for the rest of the contest.

November 15 (1:00 ET):  Cowboys @ Buccaneers. Number one pick Jameis Winston provides interest.

November 22 (1:00 ET): Cowboys @ Dolphins. Suh versus the Dallas O line. Nasty on nasty. Tasty.

December 13 (4:25 ET): Cowboys @ Packers. Four words. He caught the ball.

December 19 (8:25 ET); Jets @ Cowboys. Dez visits Revis Island. Sorry, TO, this is the one to get the popcorn ready. We get possibly the most exciting one-on-one matchup in the league as a Christmas present.

December 27 (1:00 ET): Cowboys @ Bills. Don't sleep on Buffalo, who may have the best defensive line in the league. For football purists out there, this might be the best battle in the trenches of the entire season.

Add in the six divisional games, and this gives the Cowboys a schedule that should be one of the most anticipated in the league. Mark those calendars, folks.

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