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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Dez Watch Continues As Bryant's Agent, Cowboys Begin Talks

Latest Cowboys headlines: Bryant's people and the Cowboys are talking; Rod Marinelli is "going to make you play to your top potential."; Giants punter takes on Eagles QBs, wins.

David Ramos/Getty Images

Sources: Dez's agent, Cowboys met this week - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Yesterday's late-breaking news.

With the deadline to agree to a long-term deal coming July 15, Tom Condon, the agent for wide receiver Dez Bryant, and the Dallas Cowboys had their first face-to-face meeting in nearly four months within the past week, according to sources.

Dez watch continues | Drew Davison, The Star Telegram
While Bryant played in a charity baseball game yesterday, the clock is counting down to the July 15 deadline for reaching a long-term deal with the Cowboys.

If no extension is in place by that date, Bryant would have to play under the $12.8 million franchise tag next season and could not negotiate a deal until after the season. So why would Bryant hold out and lose more than $750,000 every week he isn’t on the roster?

Well, Bryant and his camp would hope that forces the Cowboys to put in a clause that prohibits them from using the franchise tag a second consecutive season in 2016. There is a precedent for that, too, considering the Cowboys gave Greg Hardy that luxury in structuring his contract.

Randy Gregory on Rod Marinelli: "He’s going to make you play to your top potential." | Dallas Morning News
Rookie defensive end Randy Gregory sat down with NFL Media's Tiffany Blackmon to talk all things football at the rookie symposium. The DMN has a lengthy transcript of the interview, here's an excerpt:

On Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli:

Gregory: "Oh he’s a great guy. He’s been around a lot of great players, a lot of great teams. He’s obviously got a lot to tell you. Every day I’ve learned something new from, him. He expects a lot from you, with your game, your level of play; he’s not going to let you be lackluster. He’s going to make you get the best out of you, play to your top potential so that’s what I’m trying to do."

Bob Sturm: Jerry Jones was right about this, and I was dead wrong | Dallas Morning News
In a chat with fans, Sturm offers an unusual mea culpa, something we don't see enough of in sports broadcasting.

Question: If we’re going to give credit to Jerry for anything, shouldn’t it be for sticking with Jason Garrett? I know he could have easily fired him and maybe he deserved it but I think continuity is so important and depsite his public persona, Garrett is a great leader of men. He also seems to understand the proper philosophy it takes to build a winning team.

Bob Sturm: Absolutely 100% true. I give Jerry plenty of criticism along the way, but I admire his interest in hanging in there and giving something every opportunity to succeed. I have said many times that I would have fired Garrett after 2012 in Washington, and I also would have been dead wrong. I think Garrett has grown into his spot and has a thing going that includes a team that likes to play hard for him. Jerry deserves credit for being slow to pull triggers.

Report: Jerry Jones, Dez Bryant to be involved in trying to recruit LaMarcus Aldridge, DeAndre Jordan to Mavs | Dallas Morning News
I guess this counts as news; if nothing else, somebody at least got a headline out of it.

Morris Claiborne dropped to 150 pounds after surgeries -
Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne revealed that he dropped down to 150 pounds after dual knee surgeries last season. Can the former first-round pick regain his pre-injury form in 2015?

Claiborne not only underwent patellar tendon surgery on his left knee in early October, but also had December surgery on his right knee to prevent potential problems with the patellar tendon. Forced to use crutches for months, Claiborne ended up losing 30-40 pounds.

"Man, I got all the way down to 150," Claiborne said. "I'm all the way back to 172 now, and I'm getting closer to my playing weight of 180."

Giants' punter Steve Weatherford takes shots at Philadelphia Eagles QBs - Big Blue View
Well, here's a little something to liven up an offseason weekend. Weatherford, who's an astute observer of all things Philly (he once called Philadelphia "a dump") broke out the car metaphors to dish on the Eagles quarterbacks.

"I'm gonna give you a Ferrari that maybe won't be running all the time, or I'm giving you a nice Cadillac sedan," he said. "It's not the fastest but you know what you're going to get out of it."

Who's the Cadillac? You guessed it, Mark Sanchez.

"[Sam] Bradford can go zero to 60 in three seconds," he added. "But you don't know if he's going to start up some days."

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