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Who Will Be The New NFC Playoff Teams In 2015?

Every year, an average of six teams make the NFL playoffs that didn't make them the season before. Who are this year's NFC candidates to make the playoffs after sitting at home last January?

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Yesterday we asked you which 2014 playoff teams you thought would not make it back to the playoffs in 2015, and the voting was pretty conclusive, at least at the time I'm writing this. The Suh-less Lions (48%), the Panthers (33%), and the Cardinals (13%) were the popular favorites not to make it back to the postseason this year.

Which brings us to our question of the day: Which new teams do you expect to make the playoffs for the NFC this season?

The following nine teams are candidates to make the playoffs in 2015 after not making the playoffs in 2014:

Eagles (10-6), 49ers (8-8), Saints (7-9), Vikings (7-9), Giants (6-10), Rams (6-10), Falcons (6-10), Bears (5-11), Redskins (4-12), and Buccaneers (2-14).

We'll put all nine teams up for a vote below, even if the chances of some teams appear pretty slim. Assuming that all teams outside the NFC South will need at least 10 wins to make the playoffs, that would be a pretty big swing in win totals for most of the nine teams listed above. Notably, the Eagles are the only team with a winning record in 2014 among the nine.

Who's your pick to make it back to the playoffs this season after not making it last year? Leave your thoughts in the comments and place your vote in the attached poll.

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