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Cowboys Midsummer Madness, Second Round: Tex Schramm vs. Drew Pearson

Round two of our Midsummer Madness tournament is underway! Today’s match-up features four seed Tex Schramm facing off against five seed Drew Pearson. Who will advance to the Sweet Sixteen?

One of the most hotly debated issues across the first round was the inclusion of front office personnel and how we, as voters, are to measure their contributions against those of players. Today, we have an opportunity to continue this debate, and apply it to what should prove to be a tightly-fought contest: fourth-seeded Tex Schramm, the architect of the Cowboys, and fifth-seeded Drew Pearson, the "Original 88." Who will survive the bloodbath and advance to the sweet sixteen? Read the bios and comments and hit the poll, faithful readers!

Wanna keep tabs on the state of the bracket or look ahead to future contests? All the Midsummer Madness info you could ever want can be found right here.


Player: Tex Schramm

Position: President-General Manager

Seed: 4

How he got here: defeated Jim Jeffcoat 741-92


Name Years Career AV Pro Bowls All-Pro RoH HoF
Texas Earnest Schramm, Jr.

Bio: Schramm was appointed to the post of Cowboys' president-general manager before the team ever took the field, and quickly made his mark; two of his early hires were head coach Tom Landry and chief scout Gil Brandt. The Cowboys teams these three men oversaw enjoyed 20 straight winning seasons, from 1966-1985, and won the most games of any NFL team during the 1970s, appearing in five Super Bowls that decade, winning two. Under Schramm, the Cowboys became the marquee NFL franchise.

Schramm was a visionary who brought numerous innovations to the NFL, including the use of instant replay, computer technology in scouting, multi-color striping to mark the 20- and 50-yard lines, the 30-second clock between plays, extra-wide sideline borders, wind-direction stripes on the goal post uprights, the referee's microphone - and the cherry on the sundae: the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. And, finally, he was a driving force behind the AFL-NFL merger and the first Super Bowl.

While leading the league's Competition Committee, he oversaw rule changes such as using overtime in the regular season, putting the official time on the scoreboard, moving goalposts from the front of the end zone to the back, and protecting quarterbacks through the in-the-grasp rule. Schramm's desire for a more comprehensive scouting combine led to the annual offseason NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. He was inducted into the Cowboys' Ring of Honor in 2003 and into the Hall of Fame in 1991.

Member comments:

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Tex Schramm personally won the Cowboys more games than anyone else in this franchise's storied career.

He may not have won them from the field. But the things that man did for his team, his guys, his dream, will never be passed by any other person associated with the Dallas Cowboys.


Without Tex Schramm we have the same history as the Eagles.

kfell who can vote against the guy who helped created the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!
Go Tex!


Player: Drew Pearson

Position: wide receiver

Seed: 5

How he got here: defeated John Niland 696-161


Name Years Career AV Pro Bowls All-Pro RoH HoF
Drew Pearson

Bio: Pearson was signed by the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent after the 1973 draft, and became one of the team's greatest wideouts, amassing 489 receptions, 7,822 receiving yards and 50 touchdowns over the course of his career. The "original 88" (a misnomer; Pearson was actually the sixth Cowboy to wear that number) was named All-Pro three times (1974, 76, 77; he was a Pro Bowler all three seasons), and was All-NFC in 1975 and second Team All-NFC in 1978. In addition, he was named first team WR by the Pro Football Hall of Fame for its All-1970s Team

Pearson is known as "Mr. Clutch" for his numerous catches in game-winning situations: the game-sealing touchdown in 1973 playoff game against the Rams; the game-winning touchdown pass from reserve quarterback Clint Longley in the 1974 Thanksgiving game against the hated Redskins: the "Hail Mary" reception from Roger Staubach that sealed the victory in a 1975 playoff game versus the Vikings; multiple fourth-quarter touchdown passes from Danny White in a come-from-behind playoff game at Atlanta in 1980.

Member comments:

Member Comment
Baked Potato Soup

"Hail Mary" A Tribute to Drew Pearson - Dallas Cowboys #88


Agree, without him there's no Captain Comeback

Robin gets overlooked too, but sometimes even Batman needs a hand...


Pearson was the best receiver of the 70s

and the original 88, one of my all time favorite Cowboys.

No brainer from me

Alright, BTBers, which man advances to the sweet sixteen?

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