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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Byron Jones Breaks Up Romo To Witten Connection

Latest Cowboys headlines: Byron Jones showing Cowboys positive signs; Tony Romo is getting stronger; Is Joseph Randle a homerun hitter?

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Byron Jones showing Dallas Cowboys positive signs - Todd Archer, ESPN
Rookie Byron Jones has made a good impression in his early days as a member of the Cowboys' defensive backfield, and on Wednesday he had the highlight play of the day when he broke up a pass from Tony Romo to Jason Witten.

Romo tried to float a pass down the middle of the field to Witten, who shook free from the rookie, but Jones was able to close and knock the ball away with his left hand at the last second. Maybe the throw was a little late. Maybe there was a slight hold of Witten.

Regardless, Jones was there.

Tony Romo: ‘The further I get away from the surgery the stronger I get’ | David Moore, Dallas Morning News
Moore accurately notes that Tony Romo hasn't missed a single OTA practice this year.

"The further I get away from the surgery the stronger I get in a lot of areas,’’ Romo said during a charity fashion event late Thursday night chaired by his wife, Candice. "Now I need to continue. I’m working as hard as I can to ensure that I’m strengthening the areas that I need to be at my best and right now."

"It’s just been a good start in the offseason. I’ve been able to continue to build and grow. I’ll give credit to the training staff and the weight room staff . We’ve had a great process of figuring out how to continue to get stronger in the offseason, which I haven’t been able to do in the last few years, and that’s been as exciting as anything just to be able to get back into building that and the football stuff is just showing that on the other end.’’

Tony Romo finds competition in the weight room | Clarence Hill, The Star Telegram
Romo has made offseason headlines playing soccer, basketball, and golf, and enjoyed the competition in each. This year, those other sports are out and his personal competition revolves around his ongoing rehab.

"I think anybody who knows me well knows that competition is what I thrive on, regardless of what it is in life," Romo said. "I tell my wife sometimes, I'm like, as long as I'm able to compete on a daily basis with something, I sleep well at night. And I thrive on that. I think that's partly why I've been able to grow and continue to get better as a player."

"I’ve made it a competition with myself and I think that’s something that I’ve learned, that I’ve loved, which I’ve said before is competition," Romo said. "I’ve made it a competition to be at my best with my back, with my training, and I think that’s allowed me to consistently get stronger each day, each week, each month since the surgery last year. It’s showing in the strength department being able to go longer periods of time."

"It’s a battle consistently with myself," Romo said with a wry smile. "Sometimes I win, sometimes my other part of myself wins."

Rookie hazing? Travis Frederick says new linemen are safe, focused on OTAs | Dallas Morning News
In an interview on The Blitz, Travis Frederick talked about how the O-line welcomes in new rookies.

You know, we’re not really about the hazing or anything like that. What we try to do is welcome them in just like the way I was welcomed into the group, and the way that Zack was welcomed into the group. That’s what makes us so special, and that’s what helps us to be able to go out and contribute early is that people aren’t telling us the wrong thing to do, or spending their time hazing us, they’re spending their time teaching us, and helping us become the best player that we can be.

Machota: If he stays out of trouble, Randle starts at RB ... and will be better than Murray in one way | Dallas Morning News
Jon Machota answered questions in a chat on Friday, and gave his opinion on Joseph Randle's biggest strengths.

Quickness, athleticism and versatility. Randle has very good hands. He had 80 receptions over his last two years at Oklahoma State. As long as he's available, meaning he's staying out of trouble, I believe the starting job is his. As a player, I think he's ready for the opportunity. I don't think he'll be as successful as Murray was in short -yardage situations but he'll hit more home runs.

Cowboys Confident Weather Delays Won’t Affect New Facility Opening | David Helman, Dallas Cowboys
The recent spell of bad weather hasn't helped the construction schedule for the team's new facility in Frisco, but Stephen Jones said said construction is still on track for summer 2015.

"We might have to make up a little time there, with some of the rain that we’ve had lately," Jones said. "But overall, we feel good and feel like we can still get everything ready to go in the next 14, 15 months."

Tomy Romo, Jason Witten Brighten Day Of Young Leukemia Patient - CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
A young Cowboys fan who's been diagnosed with leukemia for the second time in five years got a boost from Romo and Witten.

One major thing keeping Jude’s spirits up is the love of his favorite team…the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo, who visited with Jude during his initial battle with leukemia, was more than happy to wish him well again.

Romo and Jason Witten took timeout from the Cowboys’ Wives In Fashion Show to wish Jude a speedy recovery on FaceTime. Romo told Jude every five years they need to revisit the conversation, and Witten promised the family tickets to the Super Bowl, assuring him the Cowboys will be playing in the big game.

Will the Ben Gardner Fan Club please rise - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
In response to reader question about which under-the-radar player on the DL could make an impact, Archer writes the following:

I can't say no one is talking about him, because he has generated some interest in the organized team activities, but I would go with Ben Gardner. He was a seventh-round pick last year but did not play after having major shoulder surgery. Rod Marinelli is a big fan of his work ethic and motor, which are priorities for the defensive coordinator. If a player works hard, Marinelli believes he can make him a player. Gardner is a good athlete. He's quick enough and he's stronger than he looks. I'm not ready to call him a lock for the 53-man roster, but I will call him a guy to watch as we get to Oxnard, California, for training camp.

Cowboys Waive Linebacker Kyle Knox; Roster Currently at 89 Players | Rob Phillips, Dallas Cowboys
Well, that was quick. The Cowboys waived linebacker Kyle Knox yesterday, three days after signing him.

Anthony Davis is fourth 49ers player to retire from football this year | ProFootballTalk
Citing health concerns, Anthony Davis (25) joins Chris Borland (24), Patrick Willis (30), and Justin Smith (35) in retiring from the 49ers this year.

This Is The Letter You Get When You're Cut By An NFL Team - Deadspin
Deadspin provides a real termination letter that a source tells them has remained largely unchanged since the one below was handed out in 2006. Maybe somebody found the time to clean up the grammar in the last paragraph.


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