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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Cowboys Take NFL Lead In Virtual Reality Technology

Latest Cowboys headlines: Cowboys are the only NFL team using virtual reality technology right now; Cowboys 2015 draft class could be bad news for the Eagles and the NFC East; What's plan B at running back?

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The Dallas Cowboys Will Soon Train Their Quarterbacks In Virtual Reality | Re/code
A big upgrade from Xs and Os on a chalkboard.

The Cowboys have inked a two-year deal with StriVR Labs, a virtual reality sports startup, to train all of its quarterbacks using a VR headset, according to a source familiar with the deal. After donning the headset, players see a live-action 3-D video replay of a football play from the quarterback’s perspective, and can review that play from a first-person view over and over, looking in any direction.

Currently, StriVR’s technology is not interactive, but instead aims to teach quarterbacks decision-making skills in the context of a real play. It also aims to make it easier to give both starters and backup quarterbacks more opportunities to learn without needing the whole team on the field.

That original article spawned a whole enchilada of follow-up reports. Here are some of them.

Dallas Cowboys to use virtual reality technology- Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Archer notes that the Cowboys are the only NFL team using StriVR right now, and adds some more insight on what exactly the Cowboys are doing.

The Cowboys have added a new room for the system at their Valley Ranch facility. During the last two weeks the Cowboys have had a stationary camera behind the line of scrimmage to give a 360-degree view of the plays, complete with sound.

Quarterbacks, as well as linebackers or safeties, will wear a virtual-reality headset that will adjust the video in the room to what the player is looking at and allow the coaches to see if they are making the proper reads or checks during each play. It will also help the backups get views of plays they would not have experienced.

Reports: Cowboys' QBs, LBs, safeties will use virtual reality to study film -
This report summarizes the previous two without adding much, but wonders when other teams will follow the Cowboys' lead.

It's often said that the NFL is a copycat league, so we'll see how long it takes for more teams to sign on with StriVR and bring the future to their film rooms.

Report: Cowboys using virtual reality technology -
A bit late to the party, omits any reference to the original source, but does at least link Archer's story - and adds a little snark for good measure.

Whether any of this stuff actually works is unclear, but it certainly makes the Cowboys look like they're ahead of the curve.

At 10:00 am ET this morning, our own Rabblerousr will take a more detailed look here on Blogging The Boys at how the StriVR technology was developed and why Stanford quarterback Kevin Hogan says it's significantly better than watching film.


Worst-case RB scenario for the Dallas Cowboys? - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Archer answers fan questions in this post, including one about Plan B at running back and what the Cowboys would do if their running backs don't pan out.

Pass the ball? I kid, I kid. But this is why you've heard Stephen Jones reference the New England Patriots' addition of LeGarrette Blount this offseason. The Patriots added him in December and he helped them win a Super Bowl. I don't want to say you can find a running back anywhere because I believe the running back matters. But I think there will be chances to find runners as the year goes on.

I would bet the Cowboys will be studying the position hard in the preseason when they send scouts to games for possible trades, waiver claims or signings if they aren't liking what they see from the backs currently on the roster. I've said this before, but even if DeMarco Murray returned, I don't think this team would run for 2,300 yards in 2015.

Cowboys 2015 draft class could be bad news for the Eagles and the NFC East - Bleeding Green Nation
Ben Natan makes no secret about his disdain for the Cowboys, as is his right, but he manages to pen a surprisingly differentiated analysis of the Cowboys 2015 draft class.

Here I am, up at seven AM on a Sunday morning and I am furious. Why? I just made myself a delicious breakfast of bacon, egg and cheese on a roll paired with a phenomenal cup of coffee. No way in hell should I be any less than content at the moment. Well, unfortunately, I am distraught. I am distraught because I have to write something incredibly positive about the Dallas Cowboys. [...]

A lot of the picks, to be honest, are a bit underwhelming and likely max out at special teams players, but it is the selection of Randy Gregory and Byron Jones, along with the signing of La'el Collins that make this class so scary for an Eagles fan. Not only did they acquire three starters, but all of whom possess immediate impact ability and high ceilings. I think all three players will develop into top tier players at their given positions and cause a challenge for the Eagles for the next decade.

If you feel compelled to go over to BGN and add your comments, please do so with class, or don't go there at all. Not all recent forays to BGN by Cowboys fans have been something to be proud of.


Bills DB coach takes a shot at Redskins |
The Bills signed Baccari Rambo midseason after Washington cut him, but defensive backs coach Tim McDonald thinks he may have been written off too soon.

"To me it's all about being in the right situation," McDonald said. "You see what's going on over there in Washington, so it's kind of hard to put a pulse on what actually happened over there. I wrote him up coming out of college, and what I saw on film is what I expected. It's just a matter of getting him in positions where he can be successful."

Health of starting cornerbacks is paramount for New York Giants - Dan Graziano, ESPN New York
The Giants need their starting corners to stay health because of the question marks surrounding their depth at the position, Graziano writes.

This year, the only proven quantities are the starters. And if one or two of them get hurt, the Giants get to the question marks a lot more quickly at this vital position.

Ereck Flowers, 9th pick in draft, is negotiating his rookie deal with the Giants himself. | The MMQB
Why? Because if he were to use an agent, he'd owe that agent a $432,000 fee.

Team negotiators who used to wait until mid-July to sign their draft picks are now finished negotiating by mid-May. As of this writing, roughly 90% of all draft picks have negotiated contracts, an astounding percentage compared to previous years (even 22 of the 32 first-rounders are signed). As one NFLPA executive told me about the new system, "a trained monkey could negotiate these contracts."


No surprise that NFL canceled fantasy football convention in Las Vegas | Las Vegas Review-Journal
That the NFL continues to brazenly champion an anti-gambling stance when it knows a profit margin that handsomely lines the pockets of owners is directly linked to those who wager on games and play fantasy football is a disingenuous ruse that has grown boring - and the Las Vegas Review-Journal takes the NFL to task for it. Beautifully, I might add.

Hand it to those at the NFL. They’re hardly duplicitous in playing the role of hypocritical boobs. They pretty much throw their fascist ways in our face, and we keep buying their tickets and jerseys and cable TV packages.

Should you visit the league’s website at, you will find that before links for news or scores or schedules or stats or tickets or merchandise, is one for fantasy football. In fact, the homepage includes a sign-up link to create your own fantasy team, complete with information on mock drafts and player rankings and those considered potential sleepers and busts for the season.

This is an NFL that in 2011 printed an advertisement on its site touting fantasy football with an accompanying picture of Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles being carted off the field with a season-ending knee injury.

The ad read: "Injury ruined your fantasy season? Start again on It’s not too late."

I’m telling you. Goodell and his minions have no shame.

[...] The NFL suits have spoken again. In the same tired, foolish, single-minded, hypocritical voice as always. But we will continue to watch their games and line their pockets.

They have us, and they know it.

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