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The Way Of The Rooster: Cowboys Jason Garrett Evokes Tom Landry

Tom Landry's innovations during his earliest years in Dallas are now commonplace around the league. The latest Cowboys coach is following his predecessor by bringing the newest technological concepts to the gridiron.

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We have heard over the last few seasons how a certain coach of a feathered flock from the City of Brotherly Love was going to revolutionize the professional game. Chip "I've got a smoothie for that" Kelly may have pushed sports nutrition to the next level in the National Football League, but while he was doing that  Jason Garrett has quietly brought about a change in the way things are done with the Dallas Cowboys.

It is no secret that Jason Garrett spends a lot of time studying successful organizations and the history behind the success. It is the type of trait that you would expect of a man who has an Ivy League education and a penchant for history. Among the highly successful organizations that Garrett has studied are the Duke University basketball program under Mike Krzyzewski. and the U S Navy SEAL Teams. He is guided by a passion to learn what these groups do to make themselves elite organizations and how he can take what those organizations do and translate it to the football program that he guides. Garrett knows a good thing when he sees it.

Of late, Garrett appears to be learning from within his own organization's history. The Dallas Cowboys under Tom Landry were both successful and innovative. The innovations under the master are well documented, especially for someone like Garrett who has access to the team's archives. The current Dallas head coach has taken to heart what he learned from Landry's own efforts  to better his team. Jason has saw how looking outside the accepted norms can yield a positive windfall.

The Cowboys are known to use SPARQ in their evaluation of future talent in a similar method to how Landry and his scouts used to evaluate prospects and how they compared athletically to the model the team used for each role. The coaching legend was the first to bring professional football into the technology era when the Dallas Cowboys became the first organization to embrace the then emerging technology of the computer. Now Garrett is going leaps and bounds further than his predecessor ever could. The Cowboys are using drones to film practices, and they are starting to incorporate virtual reality into the game.

Jerry Jones has always been willing to invest money into making his team a dominant force in the NFL. The salary cap has put a damper on the process, limiting Jones in what he can spend to bring top talent to the gridiron. Jason Garrett, by embracing the same concepts that Landry did during an earlier era, has found a way to bring Jones' money back into play for the Cowboys. To remain at the top of the dogpile that is professional football it is necessary to be ahead of the curve in the areas that make a big difference between 8-8 and 12-4. Garrett has found a way to do just that by evoking shades of what once worked for Tom Landry.

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