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Dallas Cowboys Offseason 2015: Did The Cowboys Improve? (Fullback Edition)

Did the Dallas Cowboys improve at fullback from 2014 to 2015?

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Finishing out the offense, we shift focus to the full back position. Did the Cowboys improve at fullback this offseason?

2014: Tyler Clutts
2015: Tyler Clutts, Ray Agnew

It seems the Cowboys are dead-set on keeping a fullback around though many of us feel they just get in the way. Jason Garrett has always loved keeping one on the roster and I feel like now it's just for giggles. The Cowboys aren't the lone wolf though, I was shocked to find that 23 teams still deploy a fullback. It's one thing in short-yardage situations to give it to the fullback and let him run it in, but the Cowboys don't do it. Long gone are the days of Daryl "Moose" Johnston, someone didn't get the memo to this coaching staff.

FB1- Tyler Clutts

Clutts played in 181 snaps last season and had one receiving touchdown but zero rushing snaps. PFF rated him as a -5.3, maybe there is something that I'm missing here but is he needed? The Cowboys seem to like having him around but maybe this year will be different. Dallas could carry more running backs due to the uncertainty at the position. He definitely has bulk and to me looks more like a linebacker. I have no doubts that he could be effective if used the right way. I sure hope that if he sticks around another year, the Cowboys can find some short-yardage situations for him.

FB2- Ray Agnew

Agnew was an undrafted free agent acquisition for the Browns last season. In case you're wondering, he was even lower on the PFF list with a -7.2. When free agency began, the Cowboys were signing fullbacks left and right. Agnew will get the opportunity to beat Clutts out for a spot this offseason. At  24 years old, at least youth will be on his side as apposed to the 30 year old incumbent. Agnew's best bet will be showing out on special teams because if you can play well there, it really doesn't matter what position you play.

My take: This looks to be the year that the Cowboys do away with the position. They need all the roster spots they can get and fullback doesn't seem like a productive way to use one. If one of these guys can prove to be a good short-yardage receiver and rusher than maybe that will change. There just isn't a fullback in the league that is a must have anymore. Where guys like Moose and Robert Newhouse were always a reliable target and someone that opposing teams had to keep an eye on, the position is on the brink of extinction in today's game.

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