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2015 BTB Midterm User Awards: Recognizing Significant Contributions To BTB

It's not like there is a lot of football going on right now, so if we can't celebrate the Cowboys, let's celebrate ourselves by looking at the top contributors to BTB over the last six months.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

In what has become a little bit of a tradition here on Blogging The Boys, today we're going to review some BTB user stats from the first half of 2015.

But we're not doing this because we want to revel in our record page views or the number of new members we attract every month. Today, we want to recognize those members that have made significant contributions to making BTB what it is today: often copied, never equaled.

BTB is more than just the sum of the front page writers, much more. While many of us may have stumbled on BTB via an article on the front page, we kept coming back and eventually signed up because of the quality of our community here. Different people contribute in different ways to the community. Many add comments, often on an almost daily basis. Some of you add FanShots or even FanPosts. And each day, each of us adds a little more to the community. So this is where we say thank YOU, you the reader, you the commenter, you the contributor.

Which is why a little further below, we break down some BTB stats from the first half of 2015 to honor the most prolific BTB members, both in terms of quantity and quality, and recognize them for their contributions. But first, let's look at what the topline stats for the first six months of 2015 look like.

  • Ten different front page writers combined to bring you 1,079 front page posts in the first six months of 2015, surpassing last year's record haul of 1,041. That's an average of almost six posts per day, every day, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays - even during the offseason.
  • Each one of those front page posts averaged almost 200 comments, which adds up over 1,100 comments per day - and that's without the comments in the FanPost and FanShot sections.
  • 154 BTB members wrote 333 FanPosts so far this year.
  • 89 BTB members published a total of 441 FanShots in the first half of the year.
Front Page

As a team of writers, we take great pride in what we do here day in and day out to bring you the best non-accredited Cowboys coverage you can find. At no charge.

If you've been with us for a while, you probably don't have to read the byline on most posts to quickly recognize which one of the BTB writers penned the story you are reading. Some of us like stats more than others, some like their Kool Aid more than others, some like the Cowboys history more than others, some like X's and O's more than others, some like the draft more than others, some like their snark more than others, and some dislike the mainstream media more than others. We trust that those likes and dislikes, in sum, have resulted in quality coverage for you.

Over the last three years, we've had 15 different writers contribute to the front page. Each of them had a unique voice, each had a unique point of view, and each helped build BTB into what it is today. Some of our former writers are still a part of the BTB community today, some have gone on to fame and fortune elsewhere. But each one put a lot of effort into BTB and paved the way for new writers like this year's newbies Jim Scott, DannyPhantom and Michael Sisemore, so here's a Texas-sized hat tip to the BTB Veterans Association. Thanks, guys.

Here are our numbers for the first six months of the year and how they compare to the previous two years:

2013 Front Page Writers, Jan-Jun
OCC 286
KD Drummond 145
Tom Ryle 142
Dave Halprin 104
rabblerousr 97
Archie Barberio 72
Coty Saxman 42
Joey Ickes 29
- -
- -
2014 Front Page Writers Jan-Jun
OCC 304
Dave Halprin 257
Tom Ryle 156
Dawn Macelli 91
KD Drummond 83
rabblerousr 77
Joey Ickes 61
Gary Morris 4
Kegbearer 4
neithan20000 4
2015 Front Page Writers Jan-Jun
OCC 257
Dave Halprin 192
Tom Ryle 184
rabblerousr 179
Michael Sisemore 98
Dawn Macelli 76
neithan20000 31
Gary Morris 28
JSM8ith 16


The table below lists the 15 top contributors in the FanPost section. The tables are sorted by number of FanPosts so far in 2015, by the number of recommendations (rec's) and by the number of comments generated by the FanPost and the ensuing discussion.

2015 No. Of Fanposts
SeekingNumberSix 24
The Trenches 11
Ace Rocker 11
Peyson88 11
CowboyWay 10
Taimon Turner 9
VAfan 8
50yrcowboy 7
timcantin 6
manhattan 5
ScarletO 5
Chandus 5
DannyPhantom 5
Tostitos32 5
Six tied with 4
2015 Recommendations Received
FanPosts Rec's
SeekingNumberSix 24 103
VAfan 8 59
FuzzyLogic1 3 59
ScarletO 5 58
CowboyWay 10 51
Gary Morris 4 47
The Real Dirk Gently 3 41
Ace Rocker 11 38
DannyPhantom 5 38
I'm Jed & I hate... 1 31
E.J. Lucero 1 30
TonyOverTroy 4 29
Peyson88 11 27
The Trenches 11 25
Two tied with 23
2015 Comments Received
FanPosts Cmnts
SeekingNumberSix 24 596
VAfan 8 429
FuzzyLogic1 3 284
Tostitos32 5 260
ScarletO 5 200
The Real Dirk Gently 3 198
Vermont Cubs Fan 1 153
CowboyWay 10 152
Gary Morris 4 137
manhattan 5 135
timcantin 6 129
50yrcowboy 7 124
Peyson88 11 121
The Trenches 11 113
DalaiLuke 2 111

FanPosts are a key part of BTB, as they'll give you a much broader range of opinions than you'll get on the front page. But writing a FanPost - and a well-received one at that - is a lot of work, so if you see one you like, give it a rec'. And don't be stingy with those rec's.

If you've been around BTB for a while you'll know that we think pure volume stats are for wimps. So in addition to the volume metrics above, we'll next look at a couple efficiency metrics and rank contributors by Recommendations per FanPost (RpFP) and Comments per FanPost ( CpFP). Here's a look at the BTB top dogs in terms of recommendations and comments per post (min. three posts to qualify). You'll find most of the perennial BTB favorites on one of these lists.

yyy2015 Rec's per FanPost
FanPosts RpFPs
FuzzyLogic1 3 19.7
The Real Dirk Gently 3 13.7
Gary Morris 4 11.8
ScarletO 5 11.6
DannyPhantom 5 7.6
VAfan 8 7.4
TonyOverTroy 4 7.3
Dealataunt 3 5.3
DannyWhite 3 5.3
CowboyWay 10 5.1
Chandus 5 4.4
SeekingNumberSix 24 4.3
MeatPopsicle 4 4.0
juanners 3 3.7
Ace Rocker 11 3.5
2015 Comments per FanPost
FanPosts CpFPs
FuzzyLogic1 3 94.7
The Real Dirk Gently 3 66.0
VAfan 8 53.6
Tostitos32 5 52.0
ScarletO 5 40.0
Gary Morris 4 34.3
manhattan 5 27.0
SeekingNumberSix 24 24.8
timcantin 6 21.5
Chandus 5 20.6
DannyPhantom 5 20.4
50yrcowboy 7 17.7
CowboyWay 10 15.2
juanners 3 15.0
Dealataunt 3 13.0


Tip of the hat to all of you who posted FanShots, the top 15 are below.

2015 No. Of Fanshots
Dr-P 79
Rena 72
SB Nation NFL Newswire 46
BoyfromOz 24
Fernie67 17
Jamie Plunkett 15
Nova84 14
NCHeelsBoysFan 14
50yrcowboy 12
Jessy S 9
HEpennypacker 9
Trent Schoneweis 8
barrypopik 8
Jonathan Stern 6
Four tied with 4
2015 Fanshot Comments Received
Fanshots Comments
Rena 72 111
Dr-P 79 91
SB Nation NFL Newswire 46 46
Jamie Plunkett 15 38
Fernie67 17 28
NCHeelsBoysFan 14 25
Nova84 14 24
BoyfromOz 24 22
Jonathan Stern 6 13
Trent Schoneweis 8 12
50yrcowboy 12 12
Raul Villaronga 1 11
Sean N 1 9
JJ for President 1 9
quincyyyyyy 3 8

43 different bloggers made at least one of the tables above, but many, many more contributed to the blog so far this year. And if your name's not on any of the lists above, but you want to see your name up in the bright BTB lights at the end of the year, then simply post more stuff, more often!

Until then, thank you all for your great contributions.

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