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Terrance Williams Assumes A Leadership Role Among Cowboys Receivers

With Dez Bryant missing from offseason workouts the Cowboys other receiver is upping his game to serve as a mentor to the younger pass catchers on the roster.

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Terrance Williams joined the Dallas Cowboys in 2013 and developed to the point to where he eventually replaced Miles Austin as the #2 wide receiver on the team. From a talent point of view Williams has proven himself as a better value to the club on the field than was Austin, but the one area that the veteran former Cowboy had that Williams could not provide was veteran leadership. Dez Bryant would have to fill that role on the roster. That is how things routinely play out as NFL squads shuffle their rosters from year to year. It is the circle of life.

With Dez not in the fold as of this moment, there has been a 'job opening' of sorts among the Cowboys veteran receivers. Somebody needed to step forward and serve as a mentor to the young wide receivers who are now fighting to earn themselves a role in the National Football League. Enter Terrance Williams stage right. Williams is now in his third season as a Cowboy and he is taking the opportunity to live up to one of Jason Garrett's challenges to his players

During Williams' rookie season Coach Garrett addressed the squad and told them that it was time for the players to rise to the occasion at hand and prove themselves.

"You want guys who are leaders. Step up and be a [expletive] leader. Lead this football team. Lead it!"

That is what Williams is doing this offseason. He was a rookie just two seasons ago, so he remembers very well what the experience is like and the difficulties he faced with the transition to professional football. The lessons learned during that first year are now what Terrance is trying to pass on to those who want to follow in his footsteps.

Williams has a message for the young guys that he feels is very important. They have reached the highest level of the game and at this point everyone is more or less equal. There are very few significant physical advantages that allow some guys to stand out as being head and shoulders above the rest. Everyone at this level is good, and a lot of good guys never survive to play a meaningful down of professional football. It takes more to earn the shot at wearing a uniform. You have to push yourself in the NFL; that is the message he is trying to get across to the rookies. Take what you know you can do and make it better every day.

"It's one of those things where you've got set your mindset to trust yourself and trust whatever you got here. That's what I'm pushing them. I'm not trying to tell them how to play, I'm just saying follow your footsteps and whatever got you here in the league."

To do that takes focus. Players need to be the athletes that they are every day and not try to change themselves. They must become the best version of themselves and not try to be the next Dez Bryant. Every man must focus on that one goal; be the best football player he can be. Nothing more and certainly nothing less.

Williams learned that lesson a couple years ago and now he feels it is his duty to help flatten out the learning curve for the ones who follow in his path. He is trying to be the leader his coach wants him to be.

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