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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Cowboys Say Collusion Accusations Are Nonsense

Latest Cowboys headlines: Cowboys are unconcerned about collusion accusations; cleaning up all the "Cowboys are doomed without Murray" gloom scenarios; even with McClain suspension, Sean Lee not likely to move to middle.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys insist nothing to NFLPA’s investigation into possible collusion | Charean Williams, The Star Telegram
The Players Association believes the Cowboys and Broncos discussed contracts for their star receivers in violation of the collective bargaining agreement. Nonsense, say the Cowboys.

A Cowboys source said there is "nothing to it."

Cowboys reportedly unconcerned about collusion accusation | ProFootballTalk
PFT wonders what all the fuss is about.

But there’s really no reason for the Broncos and Cowboys to collude to limit Thomas’s and Bryant’s contracts, because the CBA already gives the teams plenty of leverage. Thanks to the franchise tag, the teams can make their receivers play out this season on a one-year, $12.8 million deal, if they’re going to play at all.


Bob Sturm: Cowboys should still be top 10 offense without DeMarco Murray | Dallas Morning News
The Sturminator cleans up with all the "Cowboys are doomed without Murray" gloom scenarios.

Question: Do you expect our offense to take a slight step back this year without Murray? What happens if week 1 our running game is abysmal and we lose?

Bob Sturm: I don’t think it will take a major step back, but I do think it will be different. I do think we should understand that the RB position matters and that DeMarco Murray was quite good. But, with a great OL/QB/WR situation, I don’t see why the Cowboys should be anywhere near league-average on offense. I think they should be in the Top 10, but we will likely put more on Tony Romo than we did last year. Last year, he was effective, but his usage was way down from normal. Now, it will creep back up to where he will be asked to throw much more and it will be up to pass protection and health to keep the train on the tracks.

NFL executive: When you played Eagles, you feared LeSean McCoy |
Here's one NFL executive who doesn't believe the Eagles improved their running back situation.

"I'll take McCoy over Murray every time,'' an executive in personnel for another team said. "When you played the Eagles, you feared McCoy. He was the guy who scared you the most. When you played Dallas, you didn't fear Murray. He's good. But you didn't fear him. You feared Dez (Bryant), or (Tony) Romo, but not Murray.''

"That's the difference in my mind,'' the executive said. "Don't get me wrong, Murray is good and he had a great year last year. But McCoy is a game breaker. He can turn a game around with one big run.''

In the DeMarco Murray vs. Le'Veon Bell debate, 2015 will provide the ultimate answer - Behind the Steel Curtain
The Steelers SB Nation site wonders whether DeMarco Murray benefited from one of the best offensive lines when he was with the Dallas Cowboys, and whether Le'Veon Bell will be able to duplicate his 2014 success. All will be revealed this season.


Mike Florio explains the 4 options Hardy has now | ProFootballTalk
1. Do nothing (Booo)
2. Sue and seek a preliminary injunction (Yay)
3. Sue and don’t seek a preliminary injunction (Harrumpf)
4. Sue, seek a preliminary injunction, and settle (Yippiee ka yay)

Whatever the approach, a decision is expected early this week. If a lawsuit is going to be filed, the paperwork could be put together fairly quickly.

NFLPA's efforts pay off in reduced suspension for Greg Hardy | FOX Sports
Mike Garafolo argues that Hardy has the players union to thank for getting his 10-game ban cut down to just four.

So all of the arguing the union did on behalf of Peterson (and continues to do, as there's still a pending lawsuit regarding game checks Peterson didn't receive) benefited Hardy. Six more games in which he's eligible to play means he now stands to earn at least $3.5 million more in per-game roster bonuses and will have a better chance to reach incentives that max out at $1.8 million.

Machota: Even with McClain suspension, Sean Lee not likely to move to middle | Dallas Morning News
Machota believes Sean Lee's playmaking potential means he stays at the WILL spot despite McClain's suspension.

Question: Can Sean Lee effectively replace McClain this season if needed if he's suspended/hurt/whatever that crazy dude is doing?

Jon Machota: Lee could move back to the middle, but I doubt it'll happen. They'll let Jasper Brinkley start there until McClain is back. I actually think they'd move Anthony Hitchens to the middle before they moved Lee back. The coaching staff likes Lee on the weakside, being protected by the three-tech DT. They think that will keep blockers off him and allow more freedom to make plays.


Bjoern to Play the Game | The MMQB with Peter King
Despite the über-corny title, this interview with the Colts' Björn Werner provides an interesting insight on the challenges international players face in making it to the NFL. Werner also makes a point I've been trumpeting here for years:

Vrentas: The NFL has mentioned expanding the International Series outside London, and Germany is one of the countries mentioned. How do you think an NFL game in your homeland would be received?

Werner: It would be awesome. I would love that. I hope I would play in it, too. The whole NFL Europe was basically in Germany, so I don’t understand why that’s not the first option, because they have the most fans over there. I wish [I could talk to the NFL about Germany], but I don’t have the big name yet. Maybe I can change that in a few years.

NFL roundtable: Defending division champions under fire -
Which of the eight division champions from 2014 is least likely to defend its title this season? Two out of five writers pick the Cowboys. Short on insight and long on overused storylines, head on over if you want to read what they have to say.

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