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Sources: Dez Bryant Tells Cowboys He Will Hold Out If No Deal Reached, Stephen Jones Denies It

The deadline approaches, rhetoric heating up.

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[UPDATE] Latest word from Dez himself is that this is indeed his stance.


[UPDATE] Of course, this could all be untrue, as Stephen Jones has denied it.


Original story...

We're coming down to the wire for the Dallas Cowboys and Dez Bryant to work out a new, long term deal. The deadline is Wednesday, June 15th for anything to happen, or else Bryant will play under the franchise tag tender. Or will he?

According to league sources, Dez Bryant has informed Stephen Jones that he will hold out from training camp and from regular season games if a new deal is not struck before the deadline. Now we're left to ponder if this is an ultimatum that Bryant will follow through on, or is it a last minute negotiating tactic. Per the report from sources, Dez made a phone call last week to let the Cowboys know exactly where he stands.

The Cowboys have been reluctant to believe that Bryant would actually hold out, and his attendance at a few OTA and minicamp sessions has been cited as evidence. While that's true, the likely reason they don't believe it is Bryant would be forfeiting a little over $750,000 for each game he misses. Principle is one thing, but that is a lot of cash to leave on the table. Plus, everybody knows Bryant is hyper-competitive and this team is ascending. They are legitimate threats to go to a Super Bowl (at least at this moment in the offseason), could Dez really stay away?

Of course, Dez could make some kind of point by sitting out training camp then showing up for week one. Or, just maybe, the two sides will reach a deal and we can avoid any further speculation on the matter.

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