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What Has Cowboys Fans Excited For The Upcoming Season?

With only a handful of games remaining before the start of the Dallas Cowboys training camp the BTB virtual offices are buzzing with the excitement for football season. I asked my colleagues to share their thoughts on why they are excited for things to get under way.

What the heck, I guess I can do a cheerleader pic for a story too.
What the heck, I guess I can do a cheerleader pic for a story too.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys annual pilgrimage to Oxnard, California is about to get underway. The trip serves as a formal kickoff to the season for players and fans alike. It has been a long few months since the disappointment in Green Bay and at long last we have football approaching on the horizon. The popping of pads will once again be heard on the gridiron and hopes for a Super Bowl run will fill the dreams of fans around the world. With that in mind I asked the rest of the staff here at Blogging The Boys what excites them the most about the upcoming campaign.

The first answer I received came from the guru of all things, Mr One Cool Customer himself.

The defensive line.
You need a blurb with that?

Actually I did not, mostly because that is one of the things that has me on the edge of my seat as well. Still, in the interest of further enlightening us, OCC went on to elaborate on his thoughts.

For years I've watched the Cowboys defense with trepidation, always expecting something bad to happen on the next snap. Even last year, with an improved defense, I was permanently scared of what would happen on the next snap.

This year, I'm going to watch the Cowboys defense with anticipation, optimistic that something good will happen on the next snap. And the reason for that anticipation is the defensive line, where I expect to see much more pressure on opposing QBs with the resultant knock-on effect for the rest of the defense. And while I hope for more sacks than last year, that's not primarily what I'm looking for. I expect to see more pressures, more hurries, more rushed throws, and all of that without more blitzers.

I doubt that any of us would object if the Cool One's optimism comes to fruition.

Rabblerousr sees things from a different perspective and I like the line of thought that he shared.

The real answer for me is the growing security that this front office knows what its doing to build a team. So, even if this season doesn't produce a deep playoff run, I have tremendous confidence that this team will be a legit contender every year, that they will build a "program," as Garrett says, and stick to what they believe in. 
So, what excites me? Hmmm. I guess watching the rest of the league reluctantly admit that the above is true.

Looks to me like Rabbs is going to be the one who thumbs his nose at the so called experts and saying "Told ya so". I, for one, look forward to seeing that.

The boss always seems to be the one who has his feet firmly planted on the ground while some of us are a little bit more of the dreamer variety, but even Dave Halprin is seeing the possibilities for this year's squad.

The fact that for the first time in a while, it feels like we're legitimate contenders. The past offseasons have been more of hoping we can contend, but this year it feels like we will contend. We'll see what the Football Gods have to say about that once the season begins, but for now, there is a heightened sense of possibility in this upcoming year.

It is always a good sign when the boss is excited.

The newest members of the staff are not the least bit shy about voicing their opinions either. DannyPhantom likes the potential he sees on both sides of the ball.

The more balanced contribution from the team. I'm excited to see the defense make more play,.and I am no longer overcome with anxiety whenever they are on the field. I can't wait to hear the reaction when people start realizing that the defense can play good football too. It's like when Happy Gilmore finally learned to putt...suddenly, he was unstoppable.

I don't know about you, but I liked his choice of analogies there and his use of the word unstoppable. Sounds like the Cowboys teams of my youth. I could handle that. How 'bout you?

My buddy and partner in crime, Jim Scott, kept his answer short and to the point.

The fact that Tony Romo has a real shot at a legacy for the reasons others have touched on.

Jim, I think you are right. Fair or not, quarterbacks are judged by the rings they earn, and if Romo finally has the pieces around him to make a run to February football his place in Cowboys lore will finally be secured.

Michael Sisemore (and I as well) can buy into that line of thought.

For me it's all about getting Tony Romo and Jason Witten a ring. Vindication is within the distance and these guys deserve it badly.​

Tony will always have his detractors. it comes with the job of being the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, but I doubt that you could find more than a handful of fans who would dispute that  Witten deserves that moment as the crowning achievement of his career.

The mixologist of the blue tinted kool aid, Mr. Tom Ryle, had this to say:

I've been mulling this over. I almost want to say "everything", because I think the entire team could be set for a very good year. But that is probably too optimistic.

I guess I just want to see if things work out at running back and along the defensive line.. I will be glued to my TV to see how those go over the course of the season, and I think both will do just fine. That in turn will lead to laughing at the doubters and haters, which I always find kinda exciting.

Please note that Tom will be doing that laughing with his blue tinted kool aid mustache intact, and he will not be laughing alone.

Danny summed everything up by asking a series of questions, most of which have been dancing in my head over the past few months as well.

What if the new and improved Rushmen are better than expected and wreak havoc on opposing QBs?

What if the added pass rush means more errant passes and Brandon Carr suddenly looks like a high $$ CB?

What if Joseph Randle is similar at getting the dirty yards, but explosive in the open field, eclipsing Murray's yardage from last year?

What if DBs are too busy covering everyone else where Escobar is left completely wide open on every play and he has double digit TDs?

What if La'el Collins is a first round talent and makes an awesome OL even awesomer?

What if our defense gets off the field sooner, our offense lights up the scoreboard, and Tony Romo wins league MVP?

Danny, I suspect that we are about to find out.

Now it is time for me to open things up to the community. Have at it BTB'ers. What has you excited for the upcoming season?

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