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Orlando Scandrick Takes High Road In Domestic Abuse Issue

Recently a situation developed in cornerback Orlando Scandrick's personal life where violence could have resulted. Instead he chose to handle the issue in a more fitting manner.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Domestic violence has become an issue for several NFL players over the past couple of years. Most noteworthy are incidents involving high profile athletes like Ray Rice and Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy. The NFL has adopted a harsher stance since these incidents have been made public, and with the recent reduction in Hardy's suspension the issue is once again in the limelight.

Should players be held accountable for there actions? A vast majority say yes, and I would wholeheartedly agree. It is all well and good to take action against those who perpetuate the problem, but it is also proper to bring attention to those who take the high road.

Recently Orlando Scandrick found himself in a bad situation. Rather than take matters into his own hands and physically defend himself from his ex-fiancee, reality TV star Draya Michele, the Dallas cornerback took the high road and allowed the legal system to handle matters.

Court documents that were obtained by TMZ show that Scandrick filed for a restraining order against Draya earlier this month, which the L.A. County Superior Court has granted. Scandrick claims he has been a victim of domestic violence since April 21, when Michele allegedly pepper-sprayed him and threw candles at him.

According to the protective order issued by the court, Michele has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards from Scandrick and she has been ordered to vacate the home owned by the player. This has been an ugly situation for the Dallas defensive back. Among other things, he stated that he has suffered bodily injuries during outbursts from his former partner and that she had made threats of further physical harm including a threat to throw bleach in his eyes.

Scandrick made a wise decision to walk away from the situation and allow the legal system to work as it should. His doing so might not be the biggest sports news to hit the media this week, but the fact that he took the high road should not be overlooked. What could have been another black eye for the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys was prevented by a player exercising sound judgment.

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