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With The DezDeal, Cowboys Throw Up The X On The Offseason

Let's get ready to RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLE!

All smiles for 88.
All smiles for 88.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

They call it a win-win situation. After a long and increasingly nervous wait, the Dallas Cowboys and Dez Bryant officially sealed the deal to the tune of five years and $70 million. Outright glee and celebration broke out throughout Cowboys Nation, while rivals of the Star are doubtless experiencing symptoms of intestinal distress at the thought of Tony Romo having his most potent weapon on the field with him not only for the beginning of the season but throughout training camp. It was a big victory for the team and a "dream come true" for Bryant. And it was not just an isolated case of getting it right for Dallas. It was the culmination of an offseason that should rank as one of the best in the team's history, right up there with the famous case of grand larceny involving the Herschel Walker trade with Minnesota. The Cowboys eventually came up in their offer to bring Dez back into the fold, but they did so with a reasonable $32 million fully guaranteed, and an additional $13 million in injury guarantee that becomes fully guaranteed after this season. And Jerry Jones maintains that there were no special provisions in his contract that were driven by a perceived distrust of him over wild rumors pertaining to mysterious but supposedly heinous behavior.

But before we look at the big picture, let us revel in the events that just beat the Dezline. Nerves were getting a bit frayed as it got closer and closer to the league mandated cutoff of 3 PM Dallas time to get the deal done, but the truth was that both sides had no reason to sign a deal while there was still time to try and work out the most advantageous contract. Jerry and Stephen Jones are old hands at this kind of thing. All along, we knew that this was the way things would likely play out. And as it turns out, the real work was actually done hours beforehand, a long way from Dallas.

The GM and his son also met with Bryant's agent Tom Condon, but a major thrust of the trip was apparently to see what kind of financial plan and support Roc Nation had in place to make sure that Bryant was not just getting paid today, but that he and his family would be secure for the foreseeable future. They got the answers they needed and let Charlotte Jones Anderson take care of the actual signing at Valley Ranch, cementing her role as one of the most important female executives in the NFL.

As the news broke, it was glorious to see all the purveyors of doom and gloom slump in defeat and skulk back into the shadows. Negative news about the Cowboys always draws major interest, and every time some bump in the road seemed to come up it was given play all over the media. One thing that cropped up in the last few days was the threat from the NFLPA to investigate possible collusion between Dallas and the Denver Broncos, who were also making no appreciable progress on signing their own star wide receiver, Demaryius Thomas. Then literally within minutes of Bryant inking his contract, Denver announced they had reached agreement with Thomas on a nearly identical contract. Poof went the NFLPA's case, and according to some, Thomas may be the real beneficiary of this.

Right now, there are probably countless NFL players calling their agents asking how they can get some of that collusion going on their next deal.

The Cowboys aren't just going to get the obvious benefits of having the emotional heart of their team in place and fully motivated from the start in Oxnard. They also now have freed up something like $6 million in cap space, and Jerry Jones has already mentioned that there are other long term deals the team wants to start working on. Tyrone Crawford, come on down!

It was a banner day for Dallas, and it is just the latest in what has been an offseason where butt has been well and truly kicked by the Star.

Listen closely. You hear the laughter and insults over what a buffoon Jerry Jones is? No?

Damn right you don't. The Process is not only alive and well, it is on the verge of becoming a raging monster. Add in Hardy's suspension being reduced and an ever-improving management of the salary cap, and the Cowboys front office is one that many NFL franchises look at with pure envy. The richest team in the NFL just keeps getting richer in every way.

And if you want to feel even better (assuming your heart can stand so many endorphins flooding your bloodstream), think back just four years. The Cowboys were coming off a season of collapse and Jerry Jones had decided to roll with a rookie head coach that almost all predicted would have a short and desultory stay before the seat became too hot to bear. The doubts continued through the three .500 seasons, but promoting Jason Garrett was the turning point. Against all expectations (well, except around here and a scant few other places), Redball proved to be the perfect fit. He has a strong influence on the overall operation of the team, but it is increasingly clear that Jerry and Stephen Jones are just as much a part of the direction the team has taken since he became head coach. There still seems to be some reluctance in the national media to fully acknowledge what is happening with the Cowboys, but that is OK. It just makes any success all the sweeter. Of course, some out there are seeing the light.

If you are like me, your face is beginning to hurt from the huge smile you just can't wipe off. So click the link below and let the Godfather of Soul speak for all of us today.


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