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A Message To The BTB Community

Please read this, and take it to heart.

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Greetings BTB!

There has certainly been a lot of news recently, well, just one big story that has generated plenty of articles. While we are all (at least, most of us) happy about the signing of Dez Bryant, in the comments of some of the articles, it's not a very happy place. In fact, it's turned downright ugly on occasion. The poor moderators for BTB are frustrated as you can imagine.

So whenever we get to a place like this, it's time to remind everybody why we're here. And that's Dallas Cowboys football, pure and simple. We are not here to discuss anybody's views on politics, or religion, or any other similar topic. There are literally thousands of places on the Internet to do that, please feel free to find one and chat about your particular subject until your heart is content. That's a great thing about the Internet. But, you won't be doing it at BTB. Why? Because it inevitably devolves into a flame war, and it's taking up room where we could be talking about the Cowboys, or the NFL. It's just not going to happen.

Also, we will not tolerate overt or subtle forms of racism, sexism, and a lot of other 'isms. If you engage in any of that, it's likely your time on BTB will be ending shortly. We have Community Guidelines, get familiar with them if you're not.

And let me get rid of one notion right away - this is NOT a free speech zone. Every once in a while someone claims they are being censored, they have the right to say what they want, then they invariably bring up the Constitution. This argument holds zero weight, it's untrue and a waste of everyone's time. Please note that there are rules associated with joining BTB, and they must be followed.

Now, I can tell you I hate doing these posts. I hate being the killjoy, the dictator, the authority figure everyone ends up hating. It's no fun. But there are two things in play. One - I have the back of all the moderators. They do a thankless job, and they do an extraordinary job. They need a break from the nonsense. I plan to give it to them.

Second, this place was always meant to be a place to talk football, specifically Cowboys football. I realize that there will always be stray conversations about various things. That's okay, as long as they are not violating the rules or being intentionally provocative. We don't have to all agree, but I guarantee you we all have to be respectful.

So, in summary, from this moment forward, think before you write something that may even have a hint of a rules violation in it. For the next few weeks we're going to be extremely open to warnings and bans. And even if you are a long-time member with thousands of comments, you are not exempt. Please, please, please don't make us go through this. Everyone just chill out, voice your opinion and if you see something that is trouble, don't continue the conversation with another comment, flag it and move on. We have moderators to clean it up.

This place is awesome, the community is fantastic, let's keep it that way. Let's stay classy, BTB!

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