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Jerry Jones Wants To 'Win Five In A Row' With This Team Of Cowboys

Jerry Jones' comment was said in jest, but the underlying tones of what the Cowboys owner said also underscore the type of expectations that the Dallas front office has for the team they have assembled.

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The Dez Bryant contract was the icing on the cake for the collection of football players that the Dallas Cowboys have assembled for the 2015 season and into the near future. The team is coming off of a 12-4 season and they came within one bad call of potentially facing the Seattle Seahawks for a trip to the Super Bowl. I look back at the 2014 season as something of an appetizer for the franchise; it left them hungry for more. Just how much more is reflected in the comments that Jerry Jones made to Bryant after the two sides reached an accord on the receiver's new deal.

"Congratulations," Jones said. "Let's just win five Super Bowls in a row, how about it?"

"Yes sir, we are," Bryant replied. "I think this is the year. We got it."

Those of us in Texas like to dream big, but even Jerry knows how unrealistic it is for any team to dominate the game to the extent that they win five Super Bowl trophies in a row. Jones does a lot of talking, and most of us have learned how to translate what he says into realistic terms. With the talent that the Cowboys have on the current roster, Jerry knows that the time is now and that the team is in a position to be able to keep the championship window open for several seasons.

Jerry expects to hoist a couple more Lombardi Trophies with this squad. He has a young and dominant offensive line, a top five quarterback, and a game breaking wide receiver to lead the Cowboys offensive attack. The front office has added an improved defense to shut down opponents more often and get the ball back into the hands of Tony Romo and his cohorts to inflict more damage. To manage it all the team has assembled a coaching staff, lead by Jason Garrett, that has the confidence and respect of their charges. All the pieces are now in place for the Cowboys to return to their place among the NFL's elite.

How many championships will the current group of Cowboys garner? That is anybody's guess, but the gentleman who signs all the paychecks at Valley Ranch is expecting multiple returns on his investment.  That much is clear. It is time for the fanbase to set down, strap in, and hold on. It looks like the next few seasons are going to be a helluva ride.

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