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What Are Your Favorite Dez Bryant Plays?

In just five years, Dez Bryant has accrued quite the collection of highlights, providing Cowboys fans with many breath-taking moments. Looking through all his exciting plays, which ones would make your top ten?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

On paper, Dez Bryant is one of the most impressive receivers in the league. The numbers he has put up during his career speak for themself. But on the field, he's more than impressive. He's down right spectacular.

Here are the top ten plays of the Cowboys richest pass catcher:

#10 - Giants (2010)

Dez didn't waste any time showing off his amazing receiving ability. During his rookie season, he gave fans a glimpse of his greatness with a leaping catch for a 13-yard TD. Dez helped make Jon Kitna look good as they led the Cowboys to a 33-20 victory over the Giants. This was Bryant's first ever 100-yard receiving game.

#9 - Rams (2014)

When you are constantly running the ball on first down, you're going to eventually catch the safety selling out to stop it. And when that happens, boom goes the dynamite! There isn't anything spectacular about this play as it may be the easiest catch Dez has had his entire career. But this needs to be included to serve as a lesson to Janoris Jenkins, who should think twice before taunting Dez by throwing up the X. Nothing ever works out favorably when the opposition does that.

The Rams defenders have not been photo-shopped out of his picture. They are all to the left still trying to tackle DeMarco Murray.

#8 - Broncos (2013)

Dallas came out on the losing end of a 51-48 shootout against Denver a couple years ago, but it wasn't for a lack of effort. Tony Romo threw for 506 yards and five touchdowns. Two of those TD passes went to Dez who had 141 yards receiving. The Cowboys struck first on their opening drive when Romo found Dez toe-tapping in the back of the end zone.

#7 - Bills (2011)

Defenders learned early that covering Dez is not how you cover Dez. Leodis McKelvin had great position on the Cowboys receiver, but it didn't matter. Bryant waited just long enough to give McKelvin a glimmer of hope, and then proceed to reach out and snag it away from him.

#6 - Eagles (2012)

What has become a common theme throughout his career, Bryant's talent is just too much for the Eagles' defender to handle. Pro Bowl corner Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has Bryant covered well on this play. Despite having two last names, he's still just one corner. And that, apparently, wasn't enough.

#5 - Redskins (2014)

Not all of Bryant's great plays consist of him flying through the air. On this play, Bryant made two incredible plays. First, he snares this pass just a couple inches off the ground.

Then, he drags Redskins safety, Ryan Clark for five yards. Frankly, it was quite embarrassing. It was like when you were three years old and trying to tackle your dad by grabbing on to his leg.

#4 - Lions (2013)

Any wide receiver can make a back shoulder catch, but can any wide receiver actually catch it with his back shoulder? Dez can. This was a remarkable catch and unfortunately it didn't garner a lot attention due to the complete meltdown the Cowboys had on that day.

#3 - Packers (2013)

Just like the great catch in the Lions game, this play also got lost in the commotion of another Cowboys collapse. On this play, Dez was covered by M.D. Jennings, A.J. Hawk, and Miles Austin. But it didn't matter. Dez is just too good.

#2 - Texans (2014)

The fact that Dez caught a 37-yard pass on a crucial third down play that set up the game winning field goal makes this a big catch. But how he did it was just simply amazing. Dez had to go around Johnathan Joseph's arm to bring in the pass. Bryant continues to find more and more impressive ways to catch the ball.

#1 - Packers (2014)

For just a moment Cowboys fans sat in awe of the greatness that is Dez as it appeared he hauled in a huge fourth down catch that set the Cowboys up for a go ahead touchdown. Replay overturning this play doesn't change the fact that it was a remarkable play. As Joe Buck said, "that was up for grabs and Dez Bryant went up and grabbed it."

That's what Dez does. He goes up and gets balls.

The first five years of Bryant's career has given fans plenty of reason to cheer. He is doing the #88 tradition proud as he is an exceptional playmaker. I can't wait to see what the next five years bring.

What are your favorite Dez Bryant plays?

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