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Cowboys Position Battles (Training Camp 2015): Cornerback

Who will play where after the top two?

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We are down to #8 in our look at Cowboys training camp position battles, according to this article on the mothership. Our last battle actually has a lot to do with this battle, which concerns the cornerback position. Last time we discussed free safety, with Byron Jones and Corey White being the wild cards there. What happens with them will have a lot to do with what happens at cornerback.

Let's set up the scenario with a paragraph from the mothership:

8. No. 3 CB - Speaking of [Byron] Jones' versatility, here's another position battle that will involve him. The top two corner spots look cemented by Brandon Carr and Orlando Scandrick, with Scandrick likely to spend a lot of time in the slot. With the amount of nickel played in the NFL these days, that still leaves plenty of snaps for a third corner. Jones and White should both be a factor here, but the Cowboys are also hoping Morris Claiborne - freshly recovered from his torn patellar tendon - can play a role in the competition, as well. Throw in Tyler Patmon for good measure, and you've got a stiff competition to settle.

Almost everybody agrees that when Dallas has two corners on the field, they are likely to be Orlando Scandrick and Brandon Carr. When a third corner comes on, Scandrick will slide into the slot. That leaves Byron Jones, Corey White, Morris Claiborne and Tyler Patmon as the top choices. But as discussed previously Jones or White could slide into the free safety spot in the nickel. Then there is the dime when the Cowboys will need four corners, but as OCC showed us, they only played that formation 4% of the time in 2014. They were in the base with four defensive backs 27% of the time, and in the nickel with five defensive backs 68% of the time.

So who do you have as the primary third corner? Byron Jones, or do you see him playing the FS role in the nickel? Same situation for Corey White. Or do you believe that Morris Claiborne will be healthy and ready to grab the third corner spot? There are a lot of permutations for this one, so in the poll we'll keep it simple. Just pick the player who you think will spend most of the 2015 season as the nickel back. Then hit up the comments and tell us why it is so.

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