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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Cowboys "Have The Table Set" This Season

Latest Cowboys headlines: Cris Collinsworth says the Cowboys "have a chance this year"; Todd Archer expects the Cowboys offense to put up points and yards again; the market for free agents is paper-thin.

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Cris Collinsworth on the 2015 Cowboys: It's been a long time since they've had this kind of a football team - Pat Doney, NBC DFW
Collinsworth talked to NBC about the importance of Dez Bryant for the Cowboys. Here's Doney's summary.

"I would've liked to have been Dez's agent, because there was no way Jerry Jones was not going to sign that guy this year. They have the table set. They have a chance this year. And it's been a long time since they've had this kind of a football team put together.

But you're not quite there if you don't have Dez Bryant. If he's not the best receiver in football right now he's darn close to it. I love how competitive he is. I love the way he fights for the football in the endzone. I am a huge Dez Bryant fan."

Twitter mailbag: Dallas Cowboys' offensive expectations - Todd Archer, ESPN
Even without DeMarco Murray, the Cowboys appear to have the makings of one of the NFL's top offenses, as Archer points out in response to a reader question.

Q: Do you expect our offense to be one of the best in the league this year again, even after the loss of DeMarco?

Archer: Quite simply, yes. I was a firm believer the Cowboys needed to keep DeMarco Murray. I would've done more to sign him but I wouldn't have gone as high as the Philadelphia Eagles did. Murray changed the identity of the offense. But just because he's gone I don't think the Cowboys' identity changes in 2015. They will run the ball. It will just be with a committee of guys, led by Joseph Randle, rather than one guy. So, the Cowboys will still run it quite well and the passing game is obviously top-notch with Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley. The Cowboys will put up points and yards.

Best remaining NFL free agents: Defense -
While the premier defensive free agents are long gone, teams looking for help this year can call up former household names like Dwight Freeney and Osi Umenyiora. With training camp in less than two weeks, Marc Sessler examines the top remaining defensive free agents. It's a sobering list.

Best remaining NFL free agents: Offense -
Sessler continues with the offense, where the free-agent market is predictably paper-thin in mid-July. Chris Johnson, Pierre Thomas, Ahmad Bradshaw, Knowshon Moreno, and Ben Tate are the running backs on his list that 32 teams have passed on so far.

Week in Review: How the Dallas Cowboys made news last week - Dallas Business Journal
Lance Murray points out that the Cowboys had a really good week, something that sometimes gets lost as we jump from headline to headline every couple of hours.

The Cowboys learned that they are the second most-valuable sports team in the world, with Forbes saying the team is valued at $3.2 billion. The Dallas Mavericks and the Texas Rangers both made the list, with each surpassing $1 billion in value. Soccer Team Real Madrid topped the list at $3.26 billion.

Also, the Cowboys signed their All Pro wide receiver Dez Bryant to a five year, $70 million contract. The deal came at the 11th hour Wednesday as the deadline to sign the star athlete was within sight. Bryant, who was given the "franchise tag" offer of $12 million earlier by the team, had threatened to sit out training camp and games if a long-term deal wasn't reached.


Dallas Cowboys: What four NFC Experts just predicted should excite fans! - Steven Mullenax, The Landry Hat
Last week, the four ESPN beat writers for the NFC East all predicted predicted that the Cowboys would win the division. Adds Mullenax:

For me, those four NFC East experts have this one guessed right. I don’t expect the Cowboys to miss Murray as much as everyone seems to be predicting. In fact, they could be even better as DeMarco struggled at times last year, especially when it came to holding on to the ball. Murray fumbled five times in the regular season and once in the playoffs. And his replacement, running back Joseph Randle, has always stepped up on-the-field when given an opportunity. If Randle can keep things together off-the-field, I fully expect him to help lead the Cowboys to another NFC East crown in 2015.

Cowboys fans can officially relax, at least for a little bit - Oscar LeRoy, Midland Reporter-Telegram
Cowboys fans were able to relax a little bit after Dez Bryant signed his deal, but they can't breathe easy just yet, LeRoy writes.

Not having Bryant, McClain and Hardy for games against the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints would have been devastating for the Cowboys. Now at least, they have chance to out-score those opponents or be one big catch from winning those games.

At least owner Jerry Jones can rest easier knowing that he has one of the best receivers in the game locked up for a few years. And he can also rest easy knowing that none of his players injured themselves while playing with fireworks.

But then again, the start of the regular season is still almost two months away so there’s still a chance for a Cowboy or two to mess up. Keep your fingers crossed they make smarter decisions.

Cowboys '15 Cap Compared To Past SB Champs - KD Drummond,
Drummond takes a look the structure of the Cowboys' 2015 cap and compares it to that of the last 21 Super Bowl champions.

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