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Cowboys Defensive Lineman Jeremy Mincey Doesn't Report To Camp, Wants New Contract

The Cowboys could be looking at a problem with one of their defensive linemen.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

After getting Dez Bryant signed, it looked like it was going to be smooth sailing on the contract front, unless the Cowboys decided to open things up with Brandon Carr. Instead, they now have an issue with a different player, Jeremy Mincey. Several outlets including the Dallas Morning News are reporting that Mincey is a no-show at training camp so far and possibly could hold out.

Mincey is in the second year of his two-year deal and will be paid $1.5 million this season and count $1.75 million against the cap. Admittedly, that's pretty much a bargain for Dallas after Mincey had an excellent 2014 season with a team-high six sacks. Mincey's pay falls short of his production. More than just his play, though, Mincey emerged as a leader on a defense that desperately needed one after having an awful 2013 season and then losing some major talent. Mincey was a not-so-secret star on last year's team

This year, the Cowboys had talked about Mincey moving inside and possibly splitting time between tackle and end. Dallas has fortified the end position with guys like Greg Hardy and Randy Gregory, although one is a rookie and the other will miss the first four games. Mincey is still a key piece of the rotation.

Sources say that Mincey has been talking to the Cowboys since February about re-doing his contract but the sides can't come to agreement. Mincey needs to report by Wednesday or he could possibly be fined $30,000 a day for missing training camp. For all concerned, let's hope there can be a speedy resolution to the issue.

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