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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Training Camp Opening Presser Provides All We Need To Know

Training camp is underway as the Dallas Cowboys are planted in Southern California for the next month. As always, the meat and potatoes came out in the opening presser.

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The Cowboys officially have arrived in Oxnard, California to begin their month-long training camp. Though practices don't officially begin until today, yesterday's opening press conference provided enough insight and entertainment to start it all off.

Five Questions With Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett - Brandon George, Dallas Morning News

Ahead of the presser, George rattles his noggin for some questions to ask the Cowboys' owner and head coach. One thing jumped out about the running backs, who will certainly be the talk of camp:

No matter how much you want the Cowboys to go after a veteran running back in their quest to replace league rushing champion DeMarco Murray, the front office is committed to giving Joseph Randle, Darren McFadden and Lance Dunbar every opportunity in training camp to show they have what it takes to get the job done. But how patient will they be? If Randle struggles early in camp and/or McFadden comes down with another injury, will the Cowboys quickly abandon their pre-camp plan and go after a veteran?

This is certainly a question that's been asked this summer.

NFLPA "Leaning" Toward Appeal Of Four Game Suspension In Greg Hardy Case - Jim Trotter, ESPN

A Quick Look At The Guys Behind Jeremy Mincey - Bryan Broaddus, Dallas Cowboys

Jeremy Mincey has not shown up to camp and is trying to get the Cowboys to re-work his deal. However, Broaddus gives a very brief but interesting peek at the guys behind him. One sentiment is they will miss his athleticism:

In my personal observations of Jeremy Mincey from last season, other than Tyrone Crawford, there was not a better defensive lineman down the stretch in the fourth quarter of games than him. He went toe-to-toe with some heavyweights and played some of his best football, but without him here, others will get to prove they could do the job just as well as him.

Cowboys Not Likely To Re-negotiate with Mincey If He Remains Absent - Nick Eatman, Dallas Cowboys

Speaking of Jeremy Mincey, Stephen Jones cleared the air in the press conference about the absentee Mincey and his desire for a re-worked contract.

"He’s a player under contract and we expect all players under contract to be here," Stephen Jones said. "We’ve talked to him about it. We certainly won’t be talking to him about it if he’s not here."

If Mincey doesn't make the first practice he can be fined up to $30,000 per day. Since Jones has laid down the law, I expect a quick resolve to this situation either way.

Cowboys Begin Camp With Rejuvinated Buzz, High Expectations - Drew Davison, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Davison got a few quotes from Tyrone Crawford and Zack Martin, but the one point that stood out like a sore thumb was Garrett's 2015 mantra; ground zero.

"Last year really has nothing to do with this year," Garrett said. "We established that on Day One of the off-season program. You have to start at ground zero; you have to put your socks back on again and go to work."

Just about every player and coach has coined the phrase this offseason, it's exactly like last season with the term "fight".

How Many UDFA's Will Make The Cowboys Roster? - O.C.C., Blogging The Boys

OCC takes a look at all the undrafted free agents the Cowboys have brought in and discusses why it may harder for them to make the roster.

Be that as it may, this year is likely going to be very  tough for undrafted college free agents to make the roster, especially since the Cowboys had three seventh-round picks. All three were just couple of minutes away from being UDFAs themselves, and all of whom are just as intent making the roster as the UDFAs are.

BTB Offseason Review/ Training Camp Preview With David Helman - Rabblerousr & McCool, Blogging The Boys

If you haven't already, take a listen into this wonderfully concocted podcast featuring the Mothership's own David Helman. It's a must listen to for sure.

Stephen Jones: McClain Knows He Let His Teammates Down With Ban - Brandon George, Dallas Morning News

After the ceremonial press conference, Jones was asked about Rolando's latest mishap and how it affects the team, Jones pulls no punches.

"You’re disappointed any time a player is not going to be out on the field. You certainly want players to be accountable for their actions off the field," Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said Wednesday following the opening press conference of training camp. "I know he certainly feels like he should be better than that with his teammates and things of that nature."

Jerry Jones On His Son Stephen Jones Taking Over The Team - VIDEO - Paul Moseley, Star-Telegram

This is a very good watch for any Cowboys fan out there. In it they discuss Stephen's increased role, while Stephen praises his father for building a sports empire. Really neat watch.

Both Dez Bryant And Dallas Cowboys Are Happy To Reunite In Oxnard - Charean Williams, Star-Telegram

With the heart and soul of this team under contract, the optimism around this year's camp is infectious and nobody knows that better than Stephen Jones.

"I think it’s a big deal [he’s here]," executive vice president Stephen Jones said. "The Dez Watch would have been something that was not welcome I’m sure by Coach Garrett, by his teammates, certainly by Jerry and myself. We wanted to avoid that and Dez is a huge part of this football team. He’s a big reason for our success last year, the energy he brings to not only the field during a game, but to a practice field, to a workout, to a meeting, just his presence is a big deal. I think to have him here from Day 1 was a big part of what was pushing us as well. He’s a leader on this team. He’s a big part of it, and we wanted to have him here."

Despite Suspensions, Garrett Will Not Change Approach With Greg Hardy Or Rolando McClain - Nick Eatman, Dallas Cowboys

This is not news to the majority as we know Mr. Garrett is the most consistent human being on the face of the Earth, everyone must be ready.

"We have to understand that a couple of them won’t be ready for the early part of the season. We’ll get some other guys ready in their place. But as we start training camp here at the end of July we’re trying to get each of our individual players as ready as they can be as we get our team ready."

Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones, And Jason Garrett Training Camp Press Conference - The Mothership

If you missed it, here's the link to the full opening press conference out in Oxnard, California. Don't forget to check BTB daily for all your camp updates including signings, injuries, contracts and much more...

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