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Cowboys 2015 Training Camp: Greg Hardy Rib Strain Will Limit Practice Time

An early injury but appears to be minor.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys opened their 2015 training camp with what was a light practice, built around re-introducing the team to football and getting them ready for more serious action. The hope is to limit injuries by not over-exerting the players and limiting any contact. Still, no matter how hard you try, an injury can happen. It appears an over-eager Greg Hardy hurt himself by performing a drill at 110%.

The defensive end suffered what sources call a minor rib strain in the first day of practice. A club official said Hardy will likely be limited Friday and Saturday in what he does during practice, but there's no concern that the injury will linger or cause him to miss any significant time.

The good news is obviously that this appears to be a minor issue and this early in camp gives Dallas ample time to rest Hardy. But you have to like his enthusiasm, he plans to go all-out all the time. Even if Jason Garrett would like him to slow down just a bit.

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