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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Dez Watch Continues As July 15th Nears

Latest Cowboys headlines: Tony Romo will move his fantasy football event to Los Angeles next year; the Redskins stink; is a Dez Bryant's deal coming this week?

Vince Caligiuri/Getty Images

Brad Sham on Dez Bryant contract situation | Dallas Morning News
Brad Sham recently talked with 105.3 The Fan, here's what he had to say about Bryant's deal.

Question: Is the Dez contract going to get worked out?

Sham: I have always thought it was going to be worked out. He wants to play. And I know you guys probably know more than I do about who’s talking to who, but I have always thought they would have a long-term deal for Dez before July 15.

Bob Sturm: When it’s time to pay Terrance Williams, why Cowboys will have to be truly careful | Dallas Morning News
Bob Sturm indirectly cautions the Cowboys not to overpay for a #2 receiver.

Question: Even if Dez signs and is on the field, is Terrance Williams an adequate #2 receiver? He still seems to disappear at times.

Bob Sturm: I think Williams is adequate. I wouldn’t get carried away on how great he is or where he rates as a #2 league wide, but the Cowboys have an ensemble cast that utilizes the TE as the #2 sometimes, the slot WR, and Williams on the go routes. I think he fills this spot well, but when it is time to pay him, the Cowboys will have to ask the prices and make a careful decision.

10 things to know about Dan Bailey | Dallas Morning News
One of the 10 things is Bailey's accuracy.

During the Cowboys win at Seattle in 2014, Bailey became the most accurate kicker in NFL history with a minimum of 100 attempts. At the time his 102-of-112 record on kicks gave him a 91.07 percent mark. But later in the season, he was passed by Baltimore kicker and former Texas Longhorn, Justin Tucker, who sat at 93-of-102 following the game in which he hit the minimum. Both kickers have long careers ahead, so the battle for football’s most accurate kicker ever isn’t over just yet. Currently, Tucker leads Bailey by 0.051 percent.

Romo will move his fantasy football event to Los Angeles next year | ProFootballTalk
Romo isn't giving in to the NFL on his fantasy football venture, even if the NFL used some strong-arm tactics to cancel this year's event.

"We just wanted a chance to have fans interact with their favorite players," Romo said. "We’re going to do it in Los Angeles in 2016. It will be a chance to learn about fantasy football. You can learn about technique, why you should start someone versus certain coverages. Little things that the average person wouldn’t know the details on. It’d be neat to get out there and be up close with your favorite players. A bunch of Packers and Cowboys will be there. I still haven’t played fantasy football, but you see an avenue for the people to enjoy football."

Romo was caught in the middle of the NFL’s seemingly contradictory efforts to embrace fantasy football while simultaneously distancing itself from gambling. Next year, when the league will likely be relocating a team to Los Angeles, the NFL will be all for Romo’s fantasy football event.

Gosselin: Cowboys thinking Super Bowl, but September should be first concern | Dallas Morning News
If we've learned one thing during Garrett's almost five-year tenure in Dallas, it's that the Cowboys take it one game, one day, one practice at the time. There is a zero percent chance that the Cowboys are focusing on the Super Bowl over the September games. Yet Gosselin writes like he's never heard Garrett say "it's a process."

The focus of the fan base may be February and the Super Bowl. But the focus of the Cowboys needs to be September and survival on defense.

Christine Michael may be on bubble in Seattle Seahawks training camp - Seattle Seahawks Blog - ESPN
Free agent rookie Thomas Rawls has impressed Seahawks coaches, putting pressure on veteran Christine Michael entering training camp. Might he be an option for the Cowboys down the road?

It’s "step up or step out" time for Michael, now beginning his third season. The Seattle coaches are high on Rawls, a free agent rookie from Central Michigan who started his college career at the University of Michigan. Pete Carroll loves Rawls’ toughness, seeing him as a bruising runner similar to Lynch.

That’s not good news for Michael. He needs to do everything right in camp or he might find his days in Seattle have ended. Maybe the Seahawks could trade him for a late-round pick if they decide Rawls is the better option.

Greg Cosell's NFL Classroom: What to watch before the snap | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports
Everyone loves seeing highlight plays, but Greg Cosell dives into what leads to the key moments.

Face it: The Redskins stink, and that's not likely to change |
This is what despair looks like.

Now, it is a new general manager who is promoted as the savior. We also hear the NFL is the sport of parity; teams that go 3-13, then 4-12, can go to the playoffs in a year or two. This is just nonsense.

Parity helps mediocre teams. Parity helps below-average teams. Parity helps unlucky teams that have a bad year or two because they lose a lot of close games or have bad takeaway-turnover ratios that distort our view of their basic talent. Parity does not help the genuinely awful franchises like Washington.

Everyone outside Washington sees our franchise clearly. Only we are in denial. Last year, the NFL preview magazines nailed how bad Washington would be. This year, they predict the same: We'll be the 14th- or 15th-best team in the 16-team NFC. One magazine listed no Washington player - none - among the 50 best in the sport.

Report: Jason Pierre-Paul Suffers Hand Injury In Fireworks Accident - Big Blue View
After early reports of multiple missing digits and horrific wounds, it looks like JPP didn't lose any fingers after all. He did sustain some burns and may have suffered some nerve damage on one finger, but it looks like he may not miss any games.

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