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Cowboys News: Still Talkin' About Dez Bryant, Greg Hardy Serves Notice, Tony Romo Influential

All the news that's fit to print.

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Recently, there was a story that Greg Hardy was wearing down, that he might not sue the NFL if his suspension gets reduced by some amount. That he had just about enough of the whole thing. Well, now we hear something totally different. Hardy will sue if he gets anything more than a two-game suspension.

Source: Greg Hardy will fight anything more than two games | ProFootballTalk

"Greg has every intention of taking whatever legal steps are necessary," the source said. "Nothing has changed on our end."

The comments come in direct response to a report from Jason Cole of Bleacher Report that Hardy is "losing some of his will to fight," and that Hardy may accept a reduced suspension to six or eight games without pursuing any further legal action.

"Greg has nothing to lose by fighting," the source said. The source added that the 41-days-and-counting delay in the issuance of a decision from hearing officer Harold Henderson has only strengthened the resolve to fight — and that it possibly has strengthened the case against the league, under the argument that Henderson has dragged his feet in order to make it harder for Hardy to get a final decision from a federal court before Week One of the 2015 regular season.


On the Dez front, after a wave of positive reports, we're getting a wave not-so-positive reports.

"Nothing going on" right now between Cowboys, Dez Bryant | ProFootballTalk

A league source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that, with a week to go until the deadline for a multi-year contract arrives, nothing is imminent. "I don’t know where they get the optimism from," the source said regarding the reports out of Dallas. "There’s literally nothing going on."

Nothing will likely go on until next week, when the deadline is clearly in view.


Peter King's MMQB is doing a countdown (isn't everybody) of the 100 most influential people in the NFL. Their explanation of what that means can be found here. In a surprise to me,Tony Romo makes the list, all the way up at #15.

Amy Trask on Sarah Thomas, the first female official in NFL history | The MMQB with Peter King

15. Tony Romo, Quarterback, Dallas Cowboys Watch the clip and you’ll see it’s a throwaway line at the end of a heartfelt acceptance speech. Then again, when you’re the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, any utterance can make a headline. Tony Romo’s April proclamation that "we’re going to win a Super Bowl next year" proves the bar has been raised after Romo enjoyed the best season of his 12-year career. He’s on the clock: Romo is 35, with a pair of recent back surgeries among his long history of injuries. The Cowboys, cognizant of the narrowing window, have made splashy—and risky—roster additions to enhance what was a 12-win team in 2014. If Romo continues in his stride, his casual prophecy could turn into a reality. Should he stumble or regress, he will return to being a punchline as he nears the twilight of a career that’s still missing a ring.

A punchline? Certainly journalists can do better than that.


Given Romo's unbelievably good year, is there any way he can match it? That's one issue brought up in the mothership's 20 Questions series.

20 Questions: Which Performance From 2014 Will Be The Hardest To Match? | Dallas Cowboys

14) Which performance from 2014 will be the hardest to match? Rob Phillips: DeMarco Murray’s not here anymore, right? OK, give me Tony Romo’s NFL-best and club-record passer rating (113.2) and completion percentage (69.9). It’s nearly impossible for any quarterback to play more efficiently than that from a statistical standpoint. But here’s what he can do: play at his optimum for more games than last year and move around better than he did last year in stretches. If he isn’t so rusty in Week 1 against San Francisco, if he doesn’t get hurt in Week 8 against Washington, maybe the Cowboys win both those games and finish 14-2.


We've been talking about it for a while, but everybody is now talking about Tyrone Crawford as being on the precipice of becoming a star in this league.

Garrett: 'Sky is the limit' for Cowboys DT Crawford -

Tyrone Crawford's offseason hype-wagon continues to kick up dust as it rolls through the summer desert. Gregg Rosenthal recently broke down the defensive tackle's play for our "Making the Leap" series. On this week's Around The NFL Podcast, Rosenthal doubled down, suggesting Crawford could possibly be the Cowboys' best defensive player by the end of the season. NFL Media's Daniel Jeremiah compared Crawford to a "poor man's Ndamukong Suh."

Many others are on the bandwagon predicting a break-out year for the 25-year-old defender. Among those is Cowboys coach Jason Garrett who recently said the "sky is the limit" for Crawford.

"He's one of those players on the team that really kind of sets the pace for everyone," Garrett said, per the Dallas Morning News. "He's a great practice player, he plays hard in the games, and I think he's one of those guys that you point to as a coach and say, 'Play the way he plays.'"


The Cowboys may have the best offensive line in the NFL, but Bryan Broaddus tells you each player's weakness in pass protection.

Mailbag: Improving In Pass Protection? Offseason Disappointments? | Dallas Cowboys

Bryan: The player that tends to get in the most trouble in his protection technique wise is Doug Free. When he misses with his hands – he generally gets in trouble. Ronald Leary has his problems when he gets over extended. Travis Frederick tends to struggle with quickness. Tyron Smith has his problems with rushers that take him down inside and Zack Martin needs to work on recognizing twist stunts a little sooner.


Look, I'm not bitter about DeMarco Murray leaving. He got paid and he took the money, that was a smart move. But his ascendance as one of the best players in the league is a little jarring based on one spectacular season. In the player's vote, he was #4 in the entire league.

Ten takeaways from 'Top 100' reveal of 10-1 |

4. DeMarco Murray, Philadelphia Eagles: This shows the respect Murray gained from his NFL peers during his massive season in Dallas. He was ranked 87th a season ago. It's also a little nutty. Murray is great, but we'd take five running backs in the league over him. The Cowboys said plenty by not worrying about him leaving town.

Before the list came out, the mothership took their shot at ranking the top ten. Let's take a look at Broaddus' list.

Before NFL Network’s Final Top 10; Staff Gives Its Version Of NFL’s Best | Dallas Cowboys

Four Cowboys made the list, starting with Jason Witten (93), Tyron Smith (36), Tony Romo (34) and then Dez Bryant. The Cowboys’ star receiver ranked 15th overall, which was good for the fourth receiver in the NFL, behind Julio Jones (13th) and then Calvin Johnson and Antonio Brown, who will be both featured in the final 10 players.

Bryan Broaddus:
1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay
2. J.J. Watt, Houston
3. Tom Brady, New England
4. Ndamukong Suh, Miami
5. Dez Bryant, Dallas
6. Rob Gronkowski, New England
7. Luke Kuechly, Carolina
8. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis
9. Darrelle Revis, New York Jets
10. Earl Thomas, Seattle

Dez at #5, that's more like it.


And we end on one of our rivals. Jason Pierre-Paul had a finger amputated after a fireworks accident.

Just wow. The Cowboys open against the Giants on Sept 13th.

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