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Jason Garrett Addresses Cowboys Plans For Thursday Night Against San Diego

It is almost time for the Cowboys to take to the gridiron to kick off the preseason slate of games, and coach Garrett addressed the upcoming action in his final presser before the hitting gets serious.

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The Dallas Cowboys will finally experience the thrill of pounding on someone wearing a different colored helmet after spending the requisite number of days beating on each other. Competitive football, at least the preseason version, will finally return and all is well on its way toward being right in the football universe.Dallas head coach Jason Garrett discussed the upcoming contest with the San Diego Chargers during his presser earlier today. The coach summed up the Cowboys feelings on getting back to football with his opening statement.

We're just excited about the opportunity to play in this game. It will be good for our football team. - Jason Garrett

It will be good for the fans as well. The final moments of the last game in Green Bay left a bad taste in the mouths of fans, and now we finally get an opportunity to replace that with something different.

Getting to the meat and potatoes of the discussion, Garrett addressed speculation about the roles that would be played by various individuals on the roster. He stressed that this opportunity would give guys like Dustin Vaughan and Gus Johnson ( who is definitely not the domesticated feline of a fellow front-page writer) what is expected to be their most significant opportunity to make a mark against the competition.

The game also marks the return of Greg Hardy to game action after missing 15 contests last season. In spite of his lack of recent activity, the Cowboys are not going to over-stress the need for Hardy to be on the field.

We'll take Greg, really, on the same kind of course that we would take most of our veteran players, probably similar to what we did with Orlando Scandrick last year...This will be his first game playing so you want to be careful saying OK you're gonna be playing 80 reps in this game, because that will catch you all up.

Beyond that point, Jason declined to comment on who would be playing. In fact, he refused to say if Hardy would see any snaps at all. In other words, we can expect to see what we normally would expect in the first preseason game of the year; the veterans, if they play at all, will only see a series or two at the most.

Garrett did elaborate on the self discipline that it takes for coaches to resist the urge to get the ones out on the field to play for a meaningless win.

It is critical for us, as coaches, to do that because a lot of times you will unearth a guy and he will show you that he does belong. We have a number of those guys on our team right now, some of our better players.

All in all, there was nothing earth shattering to come out this afternoon, but it is about getting ready for the next game and right now that is good enough to take the edge off of the summer withdraws. To steal a line from Hank Williams, Jr. "Are you ready for some football?".

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