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Dallas Cowboys Training Camp 2015: Five Cowboys Showing Early Returns In Preseason

With the Dallas Cowboys are back in Oxnard and gearing up for their second exhibition contest with the San Francisco 49ers, who are the guys making their case for more playing time?

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Preseason has always been the perfect time to look at individual performances rather than being focused on the final score. Though some of these losses weigh heavier on the young guys vying for more playing time, in the grand scheme it means next to nothing. There just aren't a lot of adjustments made to worry about the final score. However, those individual performances are what hold true and the Cowboys certainly had some noteworthy performances that should give them an idea of who is ready for more playing time. Let's examine a few.

[Disclaimer: The Big Three ( Byron Jones, Randy Gregory, and La'el Collins) are omitted because our Dawn Macelli already has a great write up, check it out.]

5. DE Lavar Edwards

Edwards was a guy that kind of bounced in and out of Valley Ranch last season and he surely looks to put that nonsense to a close this year. Edwards was by far the most impressive backup defensive lineman of the San Diego game. Last season, he seemed to not have much power or technique; well he played with both in this game. He had some really good pass rushing moves to boot. Edwards was able to get around the edge and get to the quarterback, which was evident when he sacked Brad Sorensen. He was a feisty competitor and showed some discipline in not allowing the blocker to get his hands latched onto him. Edwards was an afterthought for most of us but he's definitely posting a good debate on getting himself in this rotation. His three tackles and sack performance should get him some more audition time in Santa Clara.

4. CB/FS Corey White

This guy gets more impressive every time you decided to focus your attention his way. White was considered a 'scrub' by Saints' fans but he's found a role here in Dallas...well Oxnard. White was always asked to do so much by Rob Ryan in New Orleans because he is so intelligent. However, as bad as their defense was, White couldn't do much to change the narrative. Well as they say one man's trash is another's treasure. Dallas gladly scooped him up and he's been paying off ever since this offseason. He gives you options and the way he plays so close to the receiver but stays in position is remarkable. He took snaps at both corner and safety and handled them with poise. He also has shown that it really doesn't matter what coverage you put him in, he'll find some comfort. In zone, White played off as expected but still made plays on the ball and knock it away. Just an impressive young man and could turn out to be a huge upgrade over Sterling Moore.

3. DT Ken Bishop

He's got a lot to work on in the consistency department but in this past game he was rather impressive. It's going to be difficult to cut down this defensive line roster but especially when looking at these tackles. Bishop was really getting some nice penetration up the middle allowing the ends to get to the quarterback. It seemed as though every time Bishop was in the game, the pocket was collapsing. That will certainly get you on this Rod Marinelli defense. Bishop was harassing the center and guard putting consistent pressure in the quarterback's face. By doing so, the Charger quarterbacks were having issues with stepping up in the pocket, as in that ability was non-existent. That was partly because of the play of Bishop. With the nicked and bruised Terrell McClain on the sideline, Bishop has done a nice job at using athleticism and strength to disrupt the opposing offense and could see even more playing time throughout preseason.

2. WR Devin Street

Though for the most part, Street's camp has bee rather unimpressive, he really came along in this first game. He showed better route-running and his timing with Dustin Vaughan was very good. It was really hard to watch Street at times in practice because he was allowing too many contested balls. However, when Vaughan couldn't find Gavin Escobar, there was Devin Street and he seemed to always be open. He also has been a phenomenal blocker when asked to. Street has been a fan favorite of the coaches, especially Derek Dooley. He got a lot of reps this offseason with the absence of Dez Bryant and looks to get even more as the Cowboys continue to rest their starters. Street has the pedigree to become something for this offense and perhaps the number two down the road. With the league constantly churning their rosters, Terrance Williams could wind up leaving via free agency later on,  it would certainly be nice if Street can find a bigger role in the offense. If he continues to progress through this preseason and beyond, there is no doubt that he'll be a bigger part of the plan.

1. LB Damien Wilson

Wilson may be the best story of camp besides Cole Beasley. When he was drafted, folks were just hoping that he could contribute and possibly be another Anthony Hitchens. That fourth and short tackle he made was reminiscent of Troy Polamalu-type things. He's extremely smart and instinctual which is exactly what you have to be to play linebacker in the NFL. Just about everyone that has stopped by camp including Nate Newton and Darren Woodson have been impressed with the former Golden Gopher. It seems like he has certainly got noticed after flying all over the Charger's field last Thursday. It was reported yesterday by our own Rabble that Wilson has earned first team reps over incumbent Kyle Wilber in the SAM linebacker competition. His extreme patience and knack for finding the ball has made him the exact prototype linebacker that thrives in the Matt Eberflus school of linebacking. He's been a marvel to watch and should only get better with extensive playing time. Get excited Cowboys Nation, the future of your linebacker corps is trending upward.

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