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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Injury Updates And Practicing With The Rams

Latest Cowboys headlines: Running backs are back on the field; players get some new faces to practice against; RG3 takes a shot at stand-up comedy.

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Cowboys Injury Updates: How They Might Affect The Roster Battles - Blogging The Boys
BTB's own commander-in-chief takes a look on how the Cowboys current injuries could impact the teams final 53-man roster.

Cowboys 2015 Training Camp Practice Summary: Rams Nation Descends On Oxnard, Brings Gloom - Blogging The Boys
In his camp summary, Rabblerouser writes - among many other things - about what happened when the Cowboys D-line went up against the Rams O-line in one-on-one pod drills.

Speaking of killed, a bit of news form the other side of the field, where the Cowboys' defensive line dominated the one-on-one pod drills. The Rams use an actual quarterback in these drills, who aligns in the shotgun. Perhaps because this gave the D-line an attack point, they ate the Rams for lunch. Jeremy Mincey collected four sacks, two each from defensive tackle and defensive end, and he was joined in the sack parade by DeMarcus Lawrence, who had to QB bags, Davon Coleman, who had three, and Randy Gregory and Greg Hardy, who had two apiece. For Hardy, this came in two reps.

QB Tony Romo will practice vs. St. Louis Rams but some Cowboys defenders are out | Brandon, George, Dallas Morning News
Who's in and who's out for the practice with the Rams? Looks like Tony will be getting some reps in.

Dallas Cowboys' Sean Lee: Rehab is hard work, but can make you better - Todd Archer, ESPN
Imagine if "new" Sean Lee is even better than "regular" Sean Lee? I get goose bumps even thinking about it.

How have the injuries affected the way you train and play?

Lee: I've gone through a lot of them, so that rehab process is a long process. It's a tedious process, but if you do it the right way and you stay consistent, you can come back as good -- if not better -- sometimes. So that was my mindset … just to continue to work hard every single day, don't get too high, don't get too low, and over time you can work yourself back. It's hard work, but that's what makes it fun when you come back.

Cowboys injury report (8/17): Byron Jones out with shoulder, Barry Church limited | Brandon George, Dallas Morning News
Here is a full injury report.

As names roll in, Dallas Cowboys sticking with what they have at RB - Todd Archer, ESPN
The list continues to grow, but the Cowboys remain focused on the three names already on the roster.

"As far as I'm concerned, we're right on schedule, as far as having a back or backs ready to go for the New York Giants," owner and general manager Jerry Jones said. "I'm not in any way anxious. When we practice the running game, we practice the physical aspect of it. It takes a lot of players to make the running game work -- not just the back."

Jerry Jones gets it.

"We've had months and months and months to evaluate these guys or the prospects of playing with them," Jones said, "so you can't get nervous now."

In the past, Jerry's remarks would get Cowboys Nation all worked up. It's kind of strange to see him having the voice of reason.

Why Cowboys players and coaches are wearing T-shirts that say ‘HAH!’ | Jon Machota, Dallas Morning News
If you thought the "HAH! T-shirts were directed at the other NFC East teams that didn't win the division in 2014, then you might not be 100% accurate. A different explanation is given by Rod Marinelli:

"Get up, put my overalls on and play really good football every day," Marinelli said. "Jump off the screen every snap. "It’s how we want to play. How you want to play. Jump off the screen with effort, energy, plays, takeaways. Whatever that is, and jump off the screen. Be different than everybody else."

Robert Griffin III: 'I feel like I’m the best quarterback in the league' | Dallas Morning News
We interrupt your regularly scheduled news link to bring you this little tidbit from Comedy Central...

"I don’t feel like I have to come out here and show anybody anything or why I’m better than this guy or better than that guy," he told ABC's Alex Parker.

Of course not, Robert. People should just take your word for it.

"I feel like I’m the best quarterback in the league and I have to go out and show that."

Oh wait, he changed his mind. Now he's got to show it. Maybe someone should give Bob a "Ha Ha" T-shirt.

St. Louis Rams fans turn out in force for Oxnard training-camp practice - Jared Cook, ESPN
Big showing for Rams fans for their practice with the Cowboys. Now if they can just get them to show up to the games.

Two decades away haven't dimmed the passion of the fans whose shouts of "Whose house? Rams' house!" echoed through an Oxnard crowd packed with the jerseys of players ranging from Los Angeles favorites Vince Ferragamo and Jack Youngblood to St. Louis stars Robert Quinn and Nick Foles.

I have to admit, I am a big fan of Ferragamo. I loved him as the Incredible Hulk.

Jean-Jacques Taylor: Dallas Cowboys' Greg Hardy making an immediate impact on the defense and opponents - ESPN
Hardy was brought to Dallas to help the team get after the quarterback, but it won't just be his own sacks that demonstrates his value to the team.

Hardy will command so much attention from opposing offensive coordinators that it will give players such as defensive ends DeMarcus Lawrence, Randy Gregory, Jeremy Mincey and defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford opportunities to beat one-on-one blocking.

Cowboys VP Charlotte Jones Anderson: Women seeking success in NFL won’t find ‘ladies tee’ | Davis Moore, Dallas Morning News
The Cardinals/Chiefs game had a couple NFL first ever moments with a female intern on Arizona's coaching staff as well as the leagues first female referee. Cowboys VP, Charlotte Jones Anderson, who's also a woman, talks about gender equality in the NFL.

"There is no give and take,’’ said Charlotte Jones Anderson, the Cowboys executive vice president and chief brand officer. "There is no ladies tee. It all has to be at the exact same level. They’re not going to slow the game down, they’re not going to change the plays, they’re not going to do anything any different. They have to step up and compete and be as talented as they are.

Who Will Be The Dallas Cowboys Next First-Time Pro Bowler? - Blogging The Boys
Time to cast your 2015 Pro Bowl votes...sure, it's a little early, but we like to beat people to the punch.

Mailbag: Collins At Swing Tackle? Finding A Use For Gavin Escobar? | Dallas Cowboys
It should be interesting to see how the Cowboys mix up their offensive formations this year. David Helman and Rob Phillips answer a couple questions out of a hat.

How much 12 personnel package do you expect to see this year (percentage of the offense)? It was my understanding that was why we drafted Escobar, and were emulating what the Patriots were trying to do at the time with Gronk and Aaron Hernandez. Now we have a logjam with Witten, Escobar and Hanna, and everyone wants to keep Swaim now, too. How does this shake out?

David: The Cowboys actually seem to enjoy using multiple tight ends – but typically when they want to run the ball, not throw it. I want to believe Escobar is going to have a bigger role in 2015, but the coaches have to trust his blocking, because they don’t want to be one-dimensional when he’s out there. Regardless, he’s far too valuable in the red zone to forget about.

Rob: They have a logjam of skill position players, period. If you go 12 personnel then you're probably taking Cole Beasley off the field. I wouldn't expect that to happen regularly. But if Escobar can do what he did in Sunday's practice -- essentially dominate the red zone -- he'll earn more snaps.

Babe Laufenberg: Specific reasons Cowboys will benefit from Rams’ visit | Dallas Morning News
Babe explains some good perks from practicing against another team.

So why the joint practices? Great work for the young players. Right now, the rookies’ experience has been limited to using techniques to combat what the Cowboys do. The Cowboys offense is a predominantly zone blocking scheme. The Rams will present a different running game scheme. Good work for the defensive front 7.

The Cowboys don’t have a true burner at wide receiver. So the Cowboys corners can be aggressive with their own receivers. The Rams Tavon Austin presents a whole new set of problems with his 4.34 speed. That speed can get you on your heels and out of your back pedal in a hurry. So the Cowboys corners will see what real NFL speed looks like.

Wouldn't it be nice to see Cole Beasley make some other defense look ridiculous for a change?

Broaddus: Gregory's Growth, Unheralded WR Highlight 12 Thoughts | Dallas Cowboys
Broaddus shares what's on his mind including an intriguing matchup between the 2014 draft pick everyone wanted Dallas to get versus the guy that was actually picked.

Looking forward to watching these practices against the St. Louis Rams for the next two days. The one-on-one drills are always the highlights for me, and I can't wait to see Zack Martin and Aaron Donald hook up in a battle of two of the young outstanding players in this league.

How did it turn out? Well, a Rams Insider gives his two cents.

Cowboys / Rams Joint Practice Open Thread And Twitter Feed - 8/17/15 - Blogging The Boys
You want to get in on all the scuttlebutt for the practice with the Rams? As always, the Cool One can hook you up.

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