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Cowboys 2015 Training Camp, Practice Number Fourteen: A Video Diary

A summary of Tuesday's fourteenth training camp practice, in the form of a compendium of short video clips.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

As I noted at the end of last night's practice summary, I thought I might change things up a bit to help alleviate the same-thing-different-day nature of training camp and the subsequent reports. So, instead of offering you the full blow-by-blow to read, I thought I'd offer one to see. Here, for your visual delectation, therefore, is a "video diary," a bushel-full of short video clips, organized by the various periods in a typical practice session. Here goes:


Before practice:

The Rams get off the team buses:

Some dude rocking a Zack Martin jersey (what's not to love about that?):

Special Team Walk-through:

Kick return/ kick coverage (just Cowboys):

First Full Team Period (Walk-through):

Romo to Witten (they can do it in their sleep):

Tunnel screen to Lucky Whitehead:

Warm-up Period:

Warm-up: defensive linemen stretch their hammies:

Warm-up II: stretching the glutes:

Screen to Lucky Whitehead against air during "screen period":

Position Group Drills:

OL: double team and second level drill:

WR: Beasley catch and cut upfield through "traffic":

LB: run fit and match-up drill:

CB: bump and run footwork and hand placement:

CB: shadow drill:

First Competitive Period (OL-DL; RB/TE-LB; WR-CB/S):

WR vs. CB: Terrance Williams draws pass interference:

WR vs. CB: Terrance Williams again, in the corner of the end zone:

TE vs. LB: Jason Witten: even when he's covered, he's open:

TE vs. LB: Gavin Escobar gets free for nice gain:

Second Full Team Period II (11-on-11):

Ben Malena nice run off left tackle:

Romo to Whitehead for short gain:

Weeden to Swaim:

Second Special Teams Period:

Wilcox the (headstrong Thompson) gunner:

Rams gunner forced out of bounds:

Second Competitive Period II (OL-DL; 7-on-7):

7-on-7: Romo to T-Will on intermediate crosser:

7-on-7: Beasley can't be covered:

7-on-7: Romo to Witten down seam for touchdown (ho hum):

Final Team Period (Situational work):

Weeden to Whitehead (again):

Okay, that's it folks. I hope you enjoyed today's video tour!

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