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Cowboys & Rams Training Camp Practice Ends In WWE-Like Brawl

Day two of the joint practice with the Rams offers excitement, but not in the usual way

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys and St, Louis Rams hae spent the past two days conducting joint practices. These sessions give players an opportunity to pound on someone wearing a different colored uniform, but the Cowboys and Rams took the term pounding to an extreme level on Tuesday.

Several free-for-alls broke out among the two squads as tempers flared on both sides. In fact, fans were left to wonder if the were watching a football practice or a battle royal. You had to wonder when Michael Buffer was going to chime in with his famous words "Let's get ready to RUUUUMMMMMBBBLLLLEEE!

Rumble they did. Let's take a look at some of the Tuesday highlights courtesy of Twitter.

First we have Tyler Patmon standing his own against all comers. Good to see that his teammate came to his rescue, but then too we don't want to see Dez injured, let alone being injured due to extracurricular activities.

Oh well. Boys will be boys, and Bryant is not one to abandon his boys in a scrape. You have to love his passion, if not his judgement.

Let's face it, we love this stuff, especially when we get to see some action. Here is Dez taking time out from his talk with the boss to get in on the action.

Bryant wasn't the only Cowboys player to get in on the fun. Here is J. J. Wilcox getting in a little work as well.

Somebody in the gallery got an unexpected gift courtesy of Jeff Fisher's players.

Everyone on the field was feeling it today. The passion was flowing freely from both sides.

Randy Gregory decided to whip half the Rams team by himself. That dude has a bit of John Wayne in him, it seems.

In the end, Jeff Fisher and Jason Garrett decided that maybe it might be a good idea to put this one to bed early. The Cowboys finished the session off by practicing among themselves while the Rams boarded buses and went home. Perhaps it was just as well. The only two people left to duke it out were Jason Garrett and Tommy Lasorda.

Love ya, Jason, but I remember Lasorda as being the type of man who loved a good scrap himself.

Bob Sturm summed my thoughts up perfectly when he re-hashed the day's events:

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