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Cowboys News: Randy Gregory, DeMarcus Lawrence "Like Clouds Parting For Defense"

Latest Cowboys headlines: Jerry goes all Jerrah in talking about his young pass rushers; how a play-by-play become a blow-by-blow; lots of comedians in the NFC East.

Ian Waldie/Getty Images

Jerry Jones: Randy Gregory, DeMarcus Lawrence ‘like the clouds parting and the light coming through’ for defense | Jon Machota, Dallas Morning News
Jerry went all Jerrah when he talked about Gregory and Lawrence on the G-Bag Nation show on 105.3 The Fan yesterday.

"Both of them are just absolutely essential," Jones said. "More importantly, they’re just like the clouds parting and the light coming through in terms of what it means to our team and certainly our defense. Gregory is unique. And there’s no question that he’s getting some of the best coaching there is, Leon Lett and those guys, Rod Marinelli. It’s just wonderful.

"The same thing applies to Lawrence. Lawrence is a better player than we thought he was when we drafted him. He’s a better player than we thought he was during the year last year, even when he made that great play that he made in the playoffs. He’s a better player. He’s a force. And he’s got a natural position at left end because of his unique ability to go from speed to power.

"Boy, I’ll tell you what, you put those two guys there and then you basically complement it with Hardy and I just can’t tell you how good that sounds to my ears coming out of my mouth."

Tony Romo’s health has been the highlight of Cowboys camp | Clarence Hill, The Star Telegram
Romo practiced for a fourth straight day on Tuesday after not going more than two days in a row last summer.


Cowboys 2015 Training Camp Practice Summary: Cowboys Go To A Fight, And A Practice Breaks Out - Blogging The Boys
Rabblerousr with his daily take on the afternoon's events are highlighted by how the full team 11-on-11 period devolved into a protracted fight, but also includes this:

More on Patmon: the dude is tough. Remember earlier on camp, when he took on Dez Bryant head to head, and didn't back down? Today, as the teams were beginning the extended final 11-on-11 scrimmage that was to be the young guys opportunity to prove themselves without a premeditated practice script, he found himself on the field sans helmet and took on several Rams; heck, he would take on the entire Rams team if necessary.

Tues. Practice Recap: Constant Fights End Joint Practice Early | Dallas Cowboys
This practice recap offers a very interesting little nugget that got lost in all the fighting:

One guy who made sure not to participate in the fight was defensive end Greg Hardy, who has made headlines for the wrong reasons this past year. Hardy made a point to run away from the fracas with a smile on his face. In football news, it looks like Darren McFadden had a good day. Tuesday was McFadden’s first day mixing into 11-on-11 work, and he looked impressive doing it. The veteran looked decisive hitting holes for solid pickups, and he managed to make solid yardage even in a practice without live hitting. He also showcased his value as a receiver, as Romo found him several times. On a 3rd-and-Goal from the 12, Romo found him in the flat, and he took the ball down to the one-yard line.


Jeff Fisher, Jason Garrett try to keep scuffles to a minimum - Nick Wagoner, ESPN
For the most part, cooler heads prevailed during the St. Louis Rams training camp practice with the Dallas Cowboys. On Monday.

Even before the Rams landed in California last Thursday, Fisher emphasized the need to control tempers when practicing against a different opponent. He reiterated that on Monday before his team practiced with the Cowboys and Garrett did the same with his charges.

"Jason and I both talked to our teams about getting things done, respecting each other, because tempers have a tendency to fly when you compete against other people," Fisher said. "We had a couple of push and shove things but other than that, I thought they worked really well together."

Cowboys, Rams brawl: What sparked fights, post-scuffle comments, more | Brandon George, Dallas Morning News
Instead of a play-by-play, George offers a blow-by-blow of the day's events.

Giant brawl breaks out during Rams-Cowboys practice, nearly spills into crowd -
For the third time during joint practices, the Cowboys and Rams came to blows. Some people didn't seem to get the "no fighting" memo.


Cowboys right guard Zack Martin suffers stinger, leaves practice - NFL Nation - ESPN
Zack Martin left practice because of a stinger suffered in 11-on-11 work against the St. Louis Rams.

Byron Jones, Ronald Leary Getting Extra Looks At Injuries To Determine Seriousness - Blogging The Boys
The Cowboys need more data to assess the injuries to cornerback Byron Jones and guard Ronald Leary.

Zack Martin's center snaps to affect Dallas Cowboys' game-day roster - Todd Archer, ESPN
Archer argues that the Cowboys may need Zack Martin to show he can play center in order to have the flexibility to keep seven offensive linemen on their game-day roster instead of eight.

"You want to put your best five out there," coach Jason Garrett said. "If you feel like you get to a certain point that these are the five guys who are your best guys, now you’ve got to put them out there and figure out where everyone fits.

"The other question always on the offensive line is who are you taking to the game? Ideally, you want to take seven. Sometimes you’ve got to take eight. Snapping the ball is always a factor there. Typically you have a swing tackle and an interior guy. All of this gives us flexibility, all of this gives us competition when you have some guys who can play some different spots in there and you can move them around. At the end of the day, you want them all prepared and you say, OK, these are our best guys going into the season, these are the best guys week to week and his flexibility there certainly helps that situation."

Ex TCU receiver David Porter making favorable first impression at Cowboys camp | Drew Davison, The Star Telegram
How's this for a first impression?

The former TCU receiver worked out at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, doing enough to earn a spot on the 90-man roster. At 3:45 p.m. that day, he was practicing with the Cowboys and had scored three touchdowns by 4:30 p.m.

"It was one of the greatest debuts I’ve ever seen in my life," coach Jason Garrett said. "He’s someone that we liked coming in obviously to bring him in for the workout. And we’re glad we did."

Broaddus: Martin vs. Donald, Cowboys' Pass Rush Among 12 Thoughts | Dallas Cowboys
Broaddus offers up 12 observations from Monday, and while every single one of them is worth your time, I'll highlight one right here:

Corey White continues to be in the right place when it comes to making plays. During the blitz period, White was put in coverage on Steadman Bailey. The Rams’ way of attacking pressure was trying to work the ball inside. Bailey attempted to carry his route that way and White's positioning was outstanding. He was slightly upfield, but in a position that if he needed to drive, he was ready to go. When the ball came out high to Bailey, all White had to do was snatch it out of the air and turn the turnover into six points.

Ready To Play: How Gavin Escobar Gets Ready For The NFL Season - CBS Local Sports
Escobar talks about his offseason routine, finding the right diet to stay in shape and how he gets himself "Ready To Play" on Sundays. And with the recent focus on the eating habits of Cowboys players, it's interesting to see that they do eat more than fast food.

I think every year I learn something new and this offseason I took about a month off after the season ended last year and that’s because the most important part of the offseason is getting your body healthy again after a long year. Then once I got back to Dallas I got a nutritionist separate from the team nutritionist and we put together a nutrition plan that was geared towards my needs.

It’s definitely changed the way my body feels, that’s for sure. A problem for me though has always been keeping my weight up, I’ve always struggled with not just keeping it up, but making sure it’s good weight at the same time.

I learned a lot of different tricks to keep weight on like eating pumpkin seeds, which is a good way to add on a bunch of calories to meals. I added avocados to all my meals too. It’s so important to fill my body with good nutrition so I have enough energy throughout meetings, practice, and so I feel good going to sleep at night, so I don’t feel like I’ve eaten a bunch of cheeseburgers, you know? In this league you have to have your body feeling right just to get through the week.


Chip Kelly admits he's concerned about the Eagles' $42 million free agent making it through the season - Yahoo Finance
After signing DeMarco Murray to a $42 million contract this year, the Eagles have limited his training camp and preseason action, in part due to concerns about his heavy workload in 2014. Chip Kelly told SI's Peter King that it is something he's concerned about, and he's been limiting Murray's action as a result.

"I think there is a lot of validity to it. But how do you manage him going into a season? Our plan all along was to get another running back with him. I wanted to have two running backs, and that’s why we got Ryan [Mathews]. I don’t think you can have a guy carry it 370 to 400 times per season and be successful. We’re going to run it a lot—we always do—but we’ll have more than one guy doing it."

And if that isn't funny enough, the author of this fluff piece even points out that "in the long run, it's smart of Kelly to limit Murray." And given that this fluff piece was posted on Yahoo Finance, I'll leave the rebuttal to a guy posting on Forbes.

Why Are the Eagles Paying DeMarco Murray Full-Time Money For Part-Time Work? - Forbes
Blake Oestriecher wonders whether Murray's reduced role in Philly is worth $42 million.

Why give Murray a lengthy—not to mention hefty—contract if he’s not going to be the workhorse that he was in Dallas? Kelly might not even be able to answer that...

While Murray would be able to go to any other number of NFL teams and rack up a vast majority of the team’s carries, he’s got two other quality backs alongside him in Philly who have all but guaranteed that he isn’t going to be the workhorse in Philadelphia that he was in Dallas.

That could mean fresher legs and more energy for Murray. But it will mean that paying Murray roughly $8 million a year is too much for one running back who’s stuck in a three-back rotation.

Eli Manning wants to be highest-paid player in NFL -
I think Eli is even funnier than Chip Kelly. And so does, apparently.

Manning isn't a top-five NFL quarterback, much less on par with 2014 Most Valuable Player Aaron Rodgers, who currently ranks as the league's highest-paid quarterback.

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