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Cowboys @ 49ers: Let's Hear Your Predictions For The Game

It's your turn to speak up.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Like last week, it's time for the prediction thread. This week the Cowboys are facing the 49ers on the road. The turf at Levi's Stadium has been a big issue this week, and this has lead to a lot of uncertainty as to who will play and who won't. In ideal conditions, you might see Tony Romo get his first snaps along with some guys like Tyron Smith and Doug Free. But if the Cowboys don't feel confident in the footing they may play it extremely cautious.

Last week we introduced the prediction widget where this blog, the enemy blog and fans everywhere can predict the score of the game and compare it with the average Vegas prediction. Here is how last week's predictions ended up compared to the actual final score of Chargers 17 - Cowboys 7.


Here is this week,s prediction widget, get your score in.

After predicting the score, let's hear what you think will happen tonight. Hit up the comments and let us know who will play, who won't, who will shine and who will bomb?

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