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Orlando Scandrick Carted Off Field With Injury, Cowboys Fear Torn ACL

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Adam Schefter is reporting that sources tell him the team fears that Scandrick has torn his ACL. If true, a terrible blow to the player and the team. END UPDATE

The Dallas Cowboys have managed to avoid serious injury so far in training camp, but there is a chance that run has come to an end. Orlando Scandrick was involved in a collision on the field with Lucky Whitehead and injured his knee. It was bad enough that they had to cart Scandrick off the field. There is some confusion as to whether the injury happened as a result of the collision, or whether something happened before the collision that actually caused the two players to come together.

John Machota, through a series of tweets, let's us know that this is probably a very serious injury.

This is terrible news for Dallas if it turns out to be a prolonged injury. Scandrick has been the Cowboys best defensive back in recent years and one of the better players on the entire defense. Let's all hope we get a miracle out of this.

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