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Cowboys Training Camp 2015: No Reason To Worry Over Special Teams ... Yet

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

If you have had the opportunity to watch the Dallas Cowboys thus far in the preseason, chances are that the play of the team's special teams unit has caused a significant rise in your blood pressure. That is okay because we are fans and we have differing priorities than the coaching staff. If it is starting to give you an ulcer, however; take a moment and step back. Things are not desperate at this moment.

Consider, if you will, some key special teams guys from last season, players like Jeff Heath Andrew Gachkar, and also the returning Danny McCray, are focused in on their respective responsibilities on the defensive side of the ball. Special teams coach Rich Bisaccia, on the other hand, is focused in on what some of the guys down the roster are capable of doing. His focus will not turn to getting his 'real' teams units ready for the season until after the Cowboys find their way back to Valley Ranch.

This is something that Cowboys fans have seen before. Do you remember the near panic during Coach Bisaccia's first season running the Dallas special teams? There were fans calling for the coach's head. Things turned around once the regular season started and he went from evaluating the borderline guys to coaching his players. It was like night and day difference, and there is no reason for concern now.

Things will soon fall into place. The linemen blocking for the field goal unit will be in their accustomed places, the coverage guys on the punt and kickoff teams will have their regular roles defined for them, there will be a return man or return men set in stone. Once that happens, things will fall into place. Rich Bisaccia will find his 12-15 core players and work them into a solid unit and things will once again be well in the Cowboys special teams room.

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