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Dallas Cowboys Training Camp 2015: These Five Cowboys Should Pump You Up!

There are guys that have good training camps, then there are guys that really get you excited about the upcoming season. After a month of camp practices, some guys stood tall above the rest.

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The Dallas Cowboys concluded training camp and now are focused on warming up their starters and remaining healthy players to start the season. This year's training camp provided tons of entertainment and as always a few camp 'MVPs' if you will. Though some of them are a bit obvious, there are quite a few guys that should get us all excited about their potential in this upcoming year.

DE DeMarcus Lawrence

Most of what we heard all offseason is about how Lawrence has transformed his body into a mean machine. That statement is certainly true if you were fortunate enough to see him up close. Yet, he wasn't mentioned all that much from various writers as guys like Greg Hardy and Randy Gregory received more of the spotlight. We'll mention him here. The length in his arms is going to cause issues for opposing tackles and he may very well be too much to handle. He's got burst, awareness, speed and now bulk that has him looking like a throwback 4-3 end. Make no mistake, DeMarcus Lawrence is what Nick Eatman calls your "first guy off the bus." He's menacing and as Marshawn Lynch coined, Lawrence is about that business, boss. Though he came to Dallas with the nickname 'Tank', Rod Marinelli has affectionately changed that to 'Deac' after Hall of Famer, Deacon Jones. It's certainly not out of the realm that Lawrence leads all Cowboys defensive linemen in sacks this season.

WR Cole Beasley

If you loved what Beasley brought to the table last season, be prepared to see a lot more of the Cowboys' show pony. Beasley has been talked up all offseason but he truly is uncoverable. I mean, think about it, how are you going to counter this type of player? I'll go on record saying that he has an even better skill-set than Wes Welker. You can't put a linebacker on him because he's too quick, you have to place a corner on him and so far he's proven even that isn't going to help much. Beasley was a third-down demon last season with over 70% of his targets converted. With Jason Witten seemingly spending more time as a blocker in the running game, Beasley has stepped up in a massive way. The receiving corps is looking to shape up as a premier unit in the league, just ask PFF. Beasley will surely have even a bigger role carved out this season and what a mismatch that is for the other guys?

DE Randy Gregory

Everyone figured that Gregory had the skill-set but I'm not sure that anyone could have predicted just how quickly he would rise to the occasion. However, regardless of weight questions, Gregory has shown that he's ready to play. This preseason has been especially good where he's had a sack in each of the first two contests. Once he was able to get his legs under him and realize the speed in the NFL, Gregory has continuously been a marvel. It helps that he has one of the best defensive coordinators in the game, but his effort is outstanding. Gregory's hands have been mentioned a few times, but in bag drills, his slap is heard all over camp and it's seemingly been trouble in these exhibitions, too. Gregory has knack for manipulating his body in order to get around that edge and provide pressure. The Cowboys may have gotten themselves one of the steals of the draft

QB Tony Romo

Okay, too easy, right? Think about this though, this is the first offseason where we haven't had some health issue to lose sleep over. Of course, once you've had back surgery, you'll never be the same, but Tony Romo has had days where he's practiced for four days consecutively. It's nice to be out on the River Ridge Fields and see number nine head out to 1,000+ plus screaming fans. Oh, and with his helmet and pads on, might I add? Tony Romo is the catalyst of this team and he's really had an excellent camp. The zip on his ball seems to be there and he looks to be lighter and stronger. With regularity, Tony has been successfully moving the ball down the field in practice and putting his offense in great position. It would probably be better if Dez Bryant were more involved but Tony has got to work with guys that need to get better. Cole Beasley, Terrance Williams, Devin Street and Lance Dunbar have all been benefactors of Romo being behind center. Romo just entered this season right where he left off as one of the elite passers in the game.

CB Corey White

I know this will be a joke to certain New Orleans fans, but the Cowboys are going to get past the loss of Orlando Scandrick in part because they have Corey White. Seen as a cap casualty by many, White excelled at times in New Orleans on a defense that saw its fair share of struggles. White has come into Dallas and shown them every bit of the competitor they wanted. Byron Jones, Tyler Patmon and Morris Claiborne have been great at times in these practices but White is impressive. His ability to read the quarterback and make a play on the ball shows his knowledge and safety-like attributes. However, he's just as good as a corner. He's been outstanding in these preseason games and though he may not be a starter, White is poised to have a season to remember as a Cowboy. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and it wouldn't surprise anyone if he has that October game circled on his calendar.

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