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Cowboys 2015 Training Camp, Practice Number Five: A Video Diary

A summary of Tuesday's fifth training camp practice, in the form of a compendium of short video clips.

Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

As I noted in my practice summary, I thought I might change things up a bit to help alleviate the same-thing-different-day nature of training camp and the subsequent reports. So, instead of offering you the full blow-by-blow to read, I thought I'd offer one to see. Here, for your visual delectation, therefore, is a "video diary," organized by the various periods in a typical practice session.

A necessary disclaimer: I'm neither a cameraman nor the owner of quality video equipment (this is all taken with my iPhone), so allow me to apologize in advance for the lack of zoom. That said, I must give a shout out to the great YumaCactus, who arrived in Oxnard, dusted himself off, and promptly began to contribute a lot of great video. It's his camera that got the better close-ups. Salute!


Pre-Practice Warm-up:

Sean Lee working on drops and catching passes form Matt Eberflus:

Randy Gregory works his hands with Ben Bloom:

Warm-up Period (pat-n-and-go, "ball period," lengthy stretch):

Defensive linemen work on generating turnovers:

Position Group Drills

WRs drill on footwork, balance while cutting:

Jameil Showers works with fullbacks on passes in flat:

Offensive linemen do the "medicine ball squat walk" drill:

And then work in halves (here, it's the left side) on double team, peeling off, and second level blocking:

First Competitive Period (OL-DL; RB/TE-LB/S; WR-CB)

Lance Dunbar vs. Keith Smith:

Lache Seastrunk vs. newly-arrived LB Johnathan Brown:

O-line vs. D-line in run period:

Second Full Team Period (11-on-11):

Romo hits T-Will:

Nice run by Lance Dunbar:

Second Special Teams Period:

Punt coverage and return teams in action:

Second Competitive Period (OL-DL; 7-on-7):

Greg Hardy kicks inside to face Zack Martin:

Mackenzie Bernadeau tosses Nick Hayden in the "best-on-best" face-off at end of competitive period:

Final Team Period (work on two-minute offense):

First team finished final drive with a score:

Okay, folks. That's it for now. Thanks for sitting through the home video of my and Yuma's vacations!

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