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BREAKING NEWS: Greg Hardy Will Not Appeal His Four Game Suspension Any Further

The drama is over, and we now will wait until week five to see the Kraken on the field.

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It has been announced that Greg Hardy will not pursue any further appeal of his four game suspension for violating the NFL's policy on domestic violence. Although there was a belief in the wake of the continuing string of defeats for the league concerning suspensions, capped by the complete elimination of the deflategate suspension of Tom Brady, he decided it was in the best interests of everyone that he serve the four games. He issued the following statement:

While I am terribly disappointed to miss the first four games of this season, I am absolutely determined that my issue is not going to be a distraction for the Cowboys.

I have enormous affection and respect for everyone here, and having seen the impact a court case can have on an NFL organization, I believe it is in the team's best interest for me to announce that I will not pursue any further litigation.

Everything I do from this point on will be designed to bring glory and pride to my family, their family and this team.

-- Greg Hardy

As you are undoubtedly aware, Hardy already had the original ten game suspension reduced to four. His statement reflects an awareness of the distractions that the Brady case created for the New England Patriots (and, to a lesser extent, the entire league). He is putting the team ahead of his personal situation, since he loses money for every game he sits. But this shows not only that he is a team player, but that he is becoming a real leader on the team.

Now his debut as a Cowboy may come against the Patriots. Maybe he and Brady can discuss things - after a little meeting in the backfield.

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