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Cowboys vs. Giants: Big Blue View On Giants Season " I'd say best-case scenario is 10 wins"

Every year we do 5 Questions before each game, and we start off this year with the Gaints

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Every year, once the real games begin, we trade 5 Questions with the team blog for that week's opponent. This week's opponent is the New York Giants and that means we speak with Ed Valentine at Big Blue View.

Blogging The Boys: What's the feeling about Jason Pierre-Paul? Will he be able to play anytime soon and do you think he can be effective? What does it mean for the defensive line without him?

Big Blue View: I think now that JPP has let the Giants look at his hand, the reality that he isn't close to playing has set in. I have no idea when, or if, Pierre-Paul will play this season. At this point I think that's a complete guess.

What does it mean for the defensive line? It means young guys like Damontre Moore, Kerry Wynn and Owa Odighizuwa are going to have to grow up and contribute. It also means the Giants might have to scheme to get pressure.

BTB: How well will the offensive line hold up? Can they protect Eli Manning enough for him to get to his receiving weapons?

BBV: That's the key question for the entire offense. The Will Beatty injury (torn pec) has a domino effect. You now have a rookie first-round pick (Ereck Flowers) playing left tackle and a journeyman (Marshall Newhouse) on the right side. Flowers could be very good eventually, but asking a rookie to play left tackle is a difficult thing.

I think the line will be adequate. Not as goo as it could have been, but not as awful as the doomsday crowd would have you believe.

BTB: On defense, the safety position has been hit hard. Is this a particularly vulnerable area on the defense?

BBV: Umm ... yes. The Giants have put four safeties on IR (Justin Halley, Bennett Jackson, Nat Berhe, Mykkele Thompson. They signed and released Jeromy Miles and Stevie Brown. They have used-to-be good Brandon Meriweather and special teamer Craig Dahl.

Scary thought, though. I think rookie Landon Collins is going to be a better player than Antrel Rolle, which would alleviate some of that concern.

BTB: We've read that Tom Coughlin is coaching for his job this season. Do you think it's true and if it is what would he have to do to keep his job?

BBV: Yes, I think it's true. I've said many times at BBV that the mess the Giants have made the last couple of years can't be laid on him -- I just don't think the roster has been very good. He's 69, though, and sooner or later ownership will feel the need to start over. A fourth straight season with no playoff berth would probably bring about the end of Coughlin's career. He needs to get the Giants to the playoffs. Perhaps a 9-7 or 10-6 season w/no playoffs would do that, but a playoff berth undoubtedly would save him.

BTB: What is your confidence in the team this year, can they make the playoffs this year? What's the best case scenario?

BBV: I think they can make the playoffs. I wouldn't say I'm confident that they will, but they can. There are enough weapons there on offense for that side of the ball to win seven or eight games by itself if the offensive line holds up and Victor Cruz gives them something. The special teams should be better, the Giants put a big emphasis on improving in that area this offseason. Can the defense be adequate and give Eli & Co. a chance? I'd say best-case scenario is 10 wins.

Thanks Ed for dropping some knowledge on us. You can visit Big Blue View here.

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