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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Cowboys Steal One, Dez Bryant And Randy Gregory Injured

Cowboys News: The Cowboys kick-off the 2015 season in dramatic fashion with a fourth quarter come-from-behind 27-26 victory, but they lose two key play makers in the process.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

What a wild night.  I don't even know how I am supposed to feel. There was some good football played and some not so good football played. In the end, the Cowboys emerged victorious, but it comes with bad news. Two of the Cowboys most exciting players will be missing some time.

Cowboys Almost Doomed By Mistakes, Win Over Giants In Improbable 27-26 Finish - Blogging The Boys
Cowboys lose game, but win anyways. What in the world happened? I had my sad face, shoulder slouch going three different times at the end of that game. I didn't realize the Cowboys were just putting me on. You got me! You got me good!

5 thoughts: Tony Romo again shows why he is one of the game's best QBs | Dallas Morning News
If you think New York got hustled, that is perfectly understandable. The Cowboys did their best to make the Giants think they were going to win.

Four uncharacteristic blunders on offense stand out from this game despite the victory. The first half was filled with three of them coming from some of the Cowboys' most sure-handed offensive weapons. Dez Bryant dropped a third-down pass he catches 99 percent of the time. Witten got a hand on a Romo pass but couldn't haul it in, leading to an interception. Cole Beasley fumbled a reception after making a nice play to get up field. The ball was returned for a TD. If those three plays all go the Cowboys way, this game might have been a blowout. Devin Street added the fourth when his reception was knocked loose and returned to the one in the fourth.

Somehow, Dallas Cowboys win as Tony Romo delivers late - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN
The often labeled "choke artist" did some of his best work on Sunday Night. I'm starting to think that he might be a little more clutch that people are leading on.

With Dez Bryant in the locker room with a foot injury, Romo directed two touchdown drives in the fourth quarter, including the game winner with seven seconds to play on a bullet throw to Jason Witten from 11 yards out to send the AT&T Stadium crowd into delirium and the Giants wondering how the heck they returned home with a loss.

Moore: How 'fantastic' Tony Romo pulled out unbelievable, 24th fourth-quarter comeback | Dallas Morning News
24 of them? That's a lot.

The Cowboys quarterback turned what appeared to be certain defeat into a stirring victory. For the 24th time in his career and the fourth time since the start of last season, Romo led a fourth-quarter comeback.

It seems to be the consensus that Tony was pretty spectacular. Our ol' pal, Joey thinks so.

Gosselin: Romo's a hero, but thank Cowboys' defense for win | Dallas Morning News
The stage was set for Tony to deliver an epic comeback, but it was the way the Cowboys defense played in the game that made it all possible.

The Giants were one of the NFL's best offenses a year ago, finishing 10th in the league in offense with an average of 367 yards per game and seventh in passing at 267 yards. But the Cowboys limited the Giants to 289 yards of offense on the night and did a splendid job of protecting the end zone, forcing the Giants to settle for field goals of 50, 40, 30 and 19 yards.

Sunday Night wrap-up: Tony Romo leads Cowboys comeback | ProFootballTalk
Romo and company led the charge for the unthinkable comeback, but a special shout out goes to Eli Manning for making it possible.

As impressive as the Cowboys comeback was, the Giants opened the door for them with some curious play-calling. By throwing an incomplete pass on third down on their next to last possession, the Giants handed the Cowboys 40 seconds, in a game in which the winner was scored with 0:07 left on the clock. Taking a sack would have been better if you had to call a pass play, but running the ball would have been preferable.

Bob Sturm: 'Fortunate' Cowboys, unsure running backs saved by bizarre Giants decision | Dallas Morning News
Sturm provides his thought on the game, including how he felt about the running game.

Like a lot of parts of the offense, it looked rusty and unsure of itself. Joseph Randle had a few moments -- and even Darren McFadden to a lesser extent -- showed moments of promise. Randle's most dazzling moment came on a pass -- the one-handed catch. It's going to take some time. I think they will ultimately be OK there.

BREAKING NEWS: Dez Bryant Has Broken Bone In Foot, Randy Gregory Has High Ankle Sprain - Blogging The Boys
Cowboys may have won the game, but two key players suffer injuries.

Cowlishaw: Cowboys get miracle win, need another one without Dez | Dallas Morning News
It was impresses to comeback from a two-score deficit in the fourth quarter, but it's even more impressive when you do it without your play making wide receiver.

Dez Bryant left the game early in the fourth quarter with a broken foot, and when a Giants defensive touchdown put New York ahead 23-13 it seemed the Cowboys' hopes were gone.

Dez was so excited to learn that the Cowboys won that he pranced through the hallways of AT&T Stadium in his underwear.

Gosselin: Why Dez Bryant's injury puts all the pressure on the Cowboys' defense | Dallas Morning News
The impact of losing Dez won't just be felt on the offensive side of the ball.

That could mean lower-scoring games and greater pressure on the Dallas defense to bow up â" especially with a schedule that includes the Saints and Patriots and their Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks in the next four weeks. But if Sunday is any indication, the second edition of Marinelli's defense could be up to the task.

Instant Review: Staff Writers Give Quick Analysis After Comeback Win | Dallas Cowboys
Here are some initial reviews of the game by the mothership's staff writers, including one of them who nailed the score prediction.

Nick Eatman: Maybe I should’ve stopped while I was ahead. Yes, I did put a 27-26 prediction on Friday but I wrote in the Gut Feeling that I was starting to see a scenario where the Cowboys would win a little easier. And there’s no doubt, the Cowboys should’ve won this game more convincingly than this. They were clearly the better team all night long but kept giving the Giants too many gifts. It only fitting that Tom Coughlin and the Giants would return the favor late in the game. Other predictions of mine didn’t pan out so well and thankfully so, considering I thought we might see a missed extra point. I did expect some nice plays from Jason Witten, who scored twice in the fourth quarter to win. Overall, it was a nice win for a Cowboys team that suffered some big losses injury-wise.

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