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Cowboys Looking At Hakeem Nicks And Others To "Replace" Dez Bryant

Dallas will need help at receiver.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys will be looking at a group of receivers to "replace" Dez Bryant. These potential Cowboys include Hakeem Nicks, Nick Toon, Austin Pettis and Clyde Gates. Of course none of those players can replace Bryant, but they could fill a need at the position over the next couple months. With Bryant's broken foot likely sidelining him six weeks at a minimum, the Cowboys need to protect themselves against further injury at the position, and also try to find someone who can contribute, if only in a small way.

The biggest name on that list is Hakeem Nicks, who not so long ago was thought of in the top group of receivers in the league. His production has dropped off precipitously since he was injured while playing for the Giants. He played last year for the Colts and was cut by the Titans after the preseason this year. Nick Toon spent some time with the Saints last season and manage to get some playing time at the end of last year. Austin Pettis played with the Rams for a while and Clyde Gates was in the Cowboys camp this year. He was among the cuts to get down to the 53-man roster.

The Cowboys will add someone tot he mix, but the player who needs to step up is Terrance Williams. He has to act as the number one receiver for the Cowboys and eventually force teams to pay attention to him, that would open other parts of the field up. Also, the emergence of Lance Dunbar in the passing game is most fortuitous, giving the Cowboys another solid option to pick up yards through the air.

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