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50 Things To Know About The Cowboys And Eagles Week Two Matchup

With the Cowboys traveling to Philadelphia on Sunday, there are plenty of captivating story lines. Will DeMarco run all over his former team? Will Chip Kelly try to go for it on fifth down? Who knows what's going to happen. But there are some things I do know about the teams matchup with the Eagles. Here are 50 of them.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

To: DeMarco

From: Joseph

I’m here, to remind you, of the fuss you left when you went away.

It’s not fair, to deny me, of the yards still here that you gave to me.

I just thought - you, you, you oughta know.

Okay, so I’m channeling my inner Alanis Morrissette here, but you have to admit that it’s a little weird that the Cowboys star running back from last year will now be trying to make them lose on Sunday. Isn’t it ironic?

In honor of the Super Bowl 50 commemoration that is going on around the league this year, here are 50 things to keep in mind as the Cowboys head to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles.

Ball Control

1. Last season, DeMarco Murray averaged 24.5 carries a game for 115.3 yards.

2. Tony Romo averaged only 29 passes per game.

3. The Cowboys finished third in time of possession last year with 32:13.

4. On Sunday, Joseph Randle carried the ball 16 times for 65 yards.

5. Tony Romo threw the ball 45 times.

6. The Cowboys held the ball for 37:10 against the Giants, ranking them third for 2015.

7. The difference maker? Third down conversions.

8. Last season, the Cowboys finished second in the league with a third down conversion rate of 47%.

9. On Sunday, the Cowboys converted 54% of their third downs (6/11).

Running Backs

10. The Eagles have remodeled their running back group by acquiring three free agents over the last two years and now have three Pro Bowl backs.

11. On Sunday, the Eagles trio hauled in 174 total yards in week one against the Falcons, accounting for 43.6% of the team’s offense.

12. Their 2015 salary cap hit for these running backs is $11 million.

13. The Cowboys don’t have any Pro Bowl running backs anymore.

14. They picked up free agent, Darren McFadden, but he wasn’t anyone that grabbed a lot headlines.

15. They drafted Joseph Randle in the fifth round.

16. They also have Lance Dunbar, who wasn’t drafted in any round.

17. On Sunday, the Cowboys trio had 202 yards, accounting for 46.3% of the team’s total offense.

18. Their 2015 salary cap hit is $3.2 million.


19. Tony Romo won eight road games last year.

20.That is one more that Sam Bradford has…for his entire career.

21. A beaver can hold its breath for up to 45 minutes. That doesn’t have anything to do with football, but I read it underneath a Snapple cap and thought it was impressive.


22. The Atlanta Falcons ranked fifth last season with 284 passing yards a game.

23. The Eagles’ cornerbacks, Byron Maxwell and Nolan Carroll played a total of 154 snaps.

24. They allowed a QB rating of 152.1 and 114.6 respectively.

25. The New York Giants ranked seventh last season with 267 passing yards a game.

26. The Cowboys’ cornerbacks, Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne, and Tyler Patmon played a total of 164 snaps.

27. They allowed a QB rating of 56.3, 79.6, and 56.8 respectively.

28. Frankenstein doesn't scare me.

29. Byron Maxwell’s average salary is $10.5 million.

30. He played well when he played for Seattle.

31. Seattle had a good defense with strong teammates around him.

32. Philadelphia doesn’t have strong teammates around him.

33. He struggled in his first game with Philadelphia.

34. Brandon Carr’s average salary is $10.0 million.

35. He played well when he played for Kansas City

36. Kansas City had a good defense with strong teammates around him.

37. Dallas hasn’t had strong teammates around him.

38. He’s struggled during his time with Dallas.

39. Dallas has a better defense now.

40. Brandon Carr played exceptionally well against the Giants.

41. Morris Claiborne has also struggled in past season with Dallas.

42. He didn’t struggle Sunday night.

43. The Eagles don’t have a good slot corner.

44. Cole Beasley is a good slot receiver.

Stopping the run

45. The Eagles guards are terrible.

46. Tyrone Crawford and Nick Hayden do a good job occupying interior blockers leaving open lanes for linebackers to make tackles in the backfield.

47. Sean Lee likes tackling people in the backfield.


48. Jason Garrett’s Cowboys have emerged victorious his last three trips to Lincoln Financial.

49. Chip Kelly’s Eagles has never beaten Dallas at Lincoln Financial.

50. Since Chip Kelly has been head coach of the Eagles, Jason Garrett has won every single road game against NFC East divisional opponents.


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