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2015 Cowboys Roster Builder: Create The Cowboys 53-Man Roster Yourself

This is your chance to play GM for the Cowboys and simulate the final cuts that will bring the Cowboys roster down from 75 to 53 players. With our famous Roster Builder, the 53-man roster is just a few clicks away, but you'll find that those clicks get progressively harder ...

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The Cowboys announced a series of cuts yesterday aimed at bringing the roster size down to the league-mandated 75 players.

While the moves weren't exactly shocking, they were also just the first step in the roster reduction process. By 4:00 pm ET on Saturday, September 5th, the Cowboys have to cut down the roster to 53 players. And those cuts will be a lot tougher than the initial round of cuts was.

Now it's your turn to play Jerry Jones, but without the billions, the strippers, the Johnny Walker Blue Label, or a guy to clean your glasses.

Press the button below to open our up-to-the-minute Roster Builder and find 22 more players to cut, move to IR or move to the practice squad as you work your way to the final 53-man roster. You'll find that the cuts get progressively tougher as you move along and that you'll have to make some really hard choices as you get to your final three or four cuts. Use the comments section below to discuss your toughest choices in this exercise.

Dallas Cowboys Interactive Roster Builder

Note: This program was written in JavaScript. If your browser does not support JavaScript, you will be informed of that below. In general, Internet Explorer is non-compatible, while Chrome and Firefox are compatible.

Practice Squad: You can put up to 10 guys on the practice squad. Unfortunately, the tool will only show eight. Also, all players with two years experience are now marked as PS eligibile, even though only a maximum of two of those guys can be added to the PS – but I trust the BTB users to be able to make that distinction.

To make it easier to find the Roster Builder, we've added it to the Library section of BTB as illustrated in the screenshot below. You can access the Roster Builder from there at any time without having to search for the specific post it was originally published in.


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