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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: "Too Early" To Determine A Timetable For Romo's Return

Cowboys News: The Cowboys pulled off a messy victory to jump out to a two-game lead over the Eagles, but in the process lost their franchise quarterback for a couple months.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys Beat Eagles By Final Score Of 20-10, But Tony Romo Leaves Game With Fractured Clavicle - Blogging The Boys
The victory came at a terrible price.

Jerry Jones: "Too Early" To Determine A Timetable For Romo's Broken Clavicle | Dallas Cowboys
Dr. Jones offers up very little in his medical evaluation of Tony.

"It’s just too early – at all. I just don’t have any idea tonight," Jones said. "We keep saying that bone takes six weeks, but there’s some ligaments there that may or may not be necessary to move around to help the healing process. If it’s not necessary, then it could very easily not require surgery. But I’m merely speculating. I don’t know."

Jerry was a little more candid about how he felt when he saw Romo go down.

Broaddus: Secondary, Lee’s Effort Among Thoughts | Dallas Cowboys
Bryan Broaddus gives us his initial thoughts on the Cowboys victory.

Sean Lee and DeMarco Murray are outstanding friends off the field, but on the field? That's a whole different story. Lee made Murray's life difficult from his Will linebacker spot. Every time that Murray touched the ball, Lee was right there to make the stop before Murray had a chance to get going. Lee played the game as if he was two steps ahead of the Eagles blockers. His interception of Sam Bradford in the end zone was vintage Lee with his awareness and positioning on the route.

Instant Review: Staff Writers Give Quick Analysis After Strong, But Costly Win | Dallas Cowboys
Cowboys writers give their initial impression of the game.

Rob Phillips: Well, at least the four of us correctly picked the winner. What a strange game, from Tony Romo's injury to DeMarco Murray's two rushing yards on 13 carries to the penalties (26 combined, including a team-record 18 by the Cowboys) which in a way threw the Eagles off their up-tempo pace. My gut was clearly wrong about the running game for both teams -- neither offense got much going on the ground, though I thought Joseph Randle fought for some tough yards in his team-high 18 carries. The defense refused to let Murray beat them. Overall, the Cowboys did have two more turnovers but finished with a plus-turnover margin that helped them win comfortably.

Tony Romo Injury Means Cowboys Defense Must Carry The Load - Blogging The Boys
Our own Dave Halprin explains that with Romo hurt, the defense must pick up the slack. And as luck would have it, they're pretty good at picking it up these days.

It's not going to be easy. The Cowboys offense already looked like a lesser version of itself without Dez Bryant. Now they are without their leader. Dallas still has weapons like Jason Witten, Cole Beasley, and Terrance Williams. Others, like Lance Dunbar, are trying to break out. For a couple of months of the season, Brandon Weeden will need to help make that offense respectable. A capable running game would certainly help.

NFL Week 2 Snaps: Tony Romo injury, NFC East chaos - NFL -
With this improved defense plus Tony and Dez, the Cowboys could be primed for great things in the playoffs, but they need to get there first.

The good news is that somebody has to win the NFC East, and 2–0 Dallas has every right to ask why not us, even if Romo misses an estimated two months and in the best case scenario can only come back for the season’s stretch drive. After all, the Cowboys already own two division wins, and they’re not exactly competing with the Lombardi-era Packers in the East.

Cowlishaw: Even without Tony Romo, Cowboys aren't dead yet | Dallas Morning News
Tim Cowlishaw isn't throwing in the towel just yet. If only fans would share some of that confidence coach Garrett has in Brandon Weeden.

"It's his job. He's a good football player,'' Garrett said. "I have a lot of confidence and Brandon and, more importantly, his teammates have a lot of confidence in Brandon.''

Jason Witten Injury: Updates on Cowboys TE's Ankle, Knee and Return | Bleacher Report
The veteran tight end also got a little banged up on Sunday, but it was nothing that was going to keep him out of the game.

The 33-year-old has been one of the NFL's most durable players, appearing in 191 out of a possible 192 games from 2003-14. He's also been as productive as any tight end during that span, recording at least 60 catches and 700 yards in each of the last 11 seasons.

Gosselin: Without Romo, the 2015 season hinges on Cowboys' defense | Dallas Morning News
That headline might have scared Cowboys fans as far back as two weeks ago, but now...not so much.

The Cowboys allowed only 289 yards and one offensive touchdown in a 27-26 victory over the Giants in the season opener, then went on the road against an even better foe Sunday and flashed even more dominance, allowing just 226 yards and one offensive TD in a 20-10 triumph over the Eagles.

Dallas Cowboys' spirit not broken despite loss of Tony Romo - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN
Does Jason Garrett ever get upset about anything? The calm coach never gets down about anything.

We just focus on what we do," Garrett said. "Guys are ready to play. Guys stepped up. You think about the guys that went in for them; they were the guys that made the significant plays throughout the ballgame."

Troy Aikman 'embarrassed' by inept Eagles offense, Cowboys penalties | Dallas Morning News
It was a sloppy game, no doubt, but somebody must have tinkled in Troy's cheerios because he was in a sour mood.

"I'm embarrassed and everybody should be embarrassed," the Hall of Fame former Cowboys quarterback said. "This has been about as poor a performance as I've ever seen in this league."

DeMarco Murray finds no room to run against Cowboys | The Star-Telegram
Murray just couldn't get things going against his old team and you could tell he was frustrated.

"I’m not frustrated [with lack of carries]," Murray said. "I’m frustrated with losing."

He even took it out on the team's poor innocent kicker.

Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey draws unsportsmanlike conduct penalty | The Star-Telegram
Bailey grabbed Murray by the arm because I believe he just wanted to tell him a secret, but the refs blew it out of proportion.

Bailey couldn’t explain why he did it, calling it a "reaction."

"I think I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time more than anything," Bailey said. "I’ve played DeMarco here for four years. One thing I think everybody knows about him is he’s a competitor. He obviously made a pretty good play to gain a few extra yards there. I was probably a little emotional about that.


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