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Week 3 NFL Fantasy Football Forecast

As always, BTB is here with some advice about which players are facing the best and worst match up of the weekend.

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Some of us are off to a good start to the season while others have stumbled to get out of the gate. It is still early and there is time to turn your season around. Don't forget, even if you do not have the players faced with golden opportunities this weekend, you can still cash in (literally). Take a look at our sponsor's site and seriously consider getting involved in the one week leagues.



Russell Wilson - The Seahawks finally return to CenturyLink Field for Week 3 and look for Wilson to benefit from the friendly confines of his home turf. The match up with the Chicago Bears plays right into his talents. The Bears secondary is ripe to be exploited in the passing game, and the rest of the defense is vulnerable to what Wilson can do with his legs. Expect Wilson to do much better than he did in his first two outings of the season where he was a middle of the pack performer.


Sam Bradford - Let's face it, Chip Kelly went out and got himself a dud. Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie locking down the corners in New York will not make life any easier for the Eagles passer as he struggles to break out of a slump. If Bradford continues on his merry way, look for Chip Kelly to bite the bullet and put Mark Sanchez in for his former team to finish feasting on.

Drew Brees - The Saints QB is hurt. He may go, and then again he may not. Considering that his injury is to his throwing shoulder and that he has been unable to throw in practice Brees is not a good risk this week even if he fulfills his promise to suit up and play.

Running Back


Lance Dunbar - Yes, that Lance Dunbar. He will not get you a lot of yards on the ground, but look for the Cowboys to dial back the vertical passing game and opt for a more conservative attack. Atlanta has been vulnerable to running backs catching passes this season and that plays in to what the Cowboys RB does best.

Latavius Murray - This match up is not so much about what Murray and the Raiders can do, it is more about what the Browns defense cannot stop. Cleveland has given up 320 yards on the ground through two games. That is the worst in the league at this point. Murray has a solid outing in week two and this week looks to be an even better opportunity for him.


Lamar Miller - Miller is not having the season that Miami Dolphins fans had hoped for. It will not get any easier as he faces a tough match up in the Buffalo Bills. Rex Ryan's defenses have always been good against the run, and this week they are facing a back off to a slow start. Miller's issues are compounded by an ankle injury as well.

Wide Receiver


Brandon Marshall - You saw what Terrance Williams did last week to Byron Maxwell and the Eagles pass defense. So did the Jets, and they will look for ways to get Marshall matched up with Maxwell to exploit the Philadelphia secondary. With Erik Decker likely sidelined for New York, expect a good share of his targets to drift Marshall's way, increasing the chances he has for a big day.

Ted Ginn, Jr. - Another guy who will benefit from the misfortune of a teammate, this time  Jerricho Cotchery, Ginn will be Cam Newton's most reliable target. The Saints pass defense is sketchy at best and there will be opportunities for Ginn to make Rob Ryan's boys pay for their weaknesses.


Calvin Johnson - Yes I said it, bench Megatron. The Denver Broncos have the best pass defense in the league right now. Most weeks I would still bank on Johnson in this situation, but this week things are compounded by the Lions situation at QB. They will face the choice of either sending a less than healthy Matthew Stafford or Dan Orlovsky out to start the game. Coach Jim Caldwell has yet to decide who will be his quarterback, but either way it will not be the best situation for Calvin Johnson.

Tight End


Jimmy Graham - So far Graham has under achieved with the Seattle Seahawks. The one situation where Russell Wilson seams to like going to him is down on the goal line, which is why the Seattle front office went out and acquired his services. This week Graham and the Seahawks will face a Chicago defense that is leading the league in touchdowns surrendered through the air. If Seattle gets into the redzone, look for the tight end to come up big.


Larry Donnell - This is a good year for tight ends so far, and it is hard to say that Donnell is the one you should sit. That being said, the Redskins defense is performing better than expected. The line is doing a good job of getting heat on opposing passers and Eli Manning will be under duress throughout the night. Donnell may not get the opportunities to contribute against the Redskins.

OK. gang, we have talked a bit about who to start and who should get a break this week. Now it is time to turn the discussion to your fantasy teams. Tell us of your brilliant moves as an owner, even those that have not been so good in retrospect. The floor is yours.

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