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Cowboys Next Game Versus The Saints Could Be A Battle Of The Backups

Backup QB battle?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are just now trying to get over their loss to the Atlanta Falcons, but in the NFL there is always the next game just around the corner. This coming Sunday night, the Cowboys will travel to New Orleans to battle the Saints. Dallas will be without some key pieces including quarterback Tony Romo. The Cowboys offense managed to do okay without him in the Falcons game, scoring 28 points which was more than either of the Romo-led games against the Giants (27 points) or the Eagles (20 points). Defensively, though, the Cowboys came apart against the Falcons, surrendering 39 points. If Dallas wants to win during this stretch without Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, the defense will have to do better than that.

Part of the problem is that injuries and suspensions are hampering the defense in addition to the problems on offense. Without Greg Hardy and Randy Gregory again this week, Dallas' defensive line will have to make do, although getting Jeremy Mincey back should help. And he is expecting to be back.

Mincey was confident he’d be able to feature in the Week 4 clash against the Saints, however.

“I’ve just got to get through the concussion protocol, and I’ll be fine – starting tomorrow,” he said. “Tomorrow, the day after – they just check you to make sure you’re alright.”

For once, though, it looks like the Cowboys MIGHT catch a break in the injury department. The 0-3 Saints could be without their leader, Drew Brees. We probably won't know for sure until much closer to game time, but he missed this past Sunday with a shoulder injury.

After the game, Brees spoke to Cox Sports Television and said it was “extremely difficult” to watch while Luke McCown led the offense during the 27-22 loss to the Panthers. Brees also said he isn’t sure whether he’ll miss another game because it’s “a matter of functionality” in terms of the throws he’s able to make.

“I don’t know my situation this week,” Brees said. “I’m day to day. I plan to and expect to start on Sunday but if I don’t we’re in good hands with Luke.”

Jay Glazer of FOX reported on Sunday that Brees isn’t feeling pain in the shoulder, but that the inflamed rotator cuff has sapped his strength. It’s thought that the strength should return when the inflammation goes down, although no one has a clear idea of when that will be at this point.

We never wish injury on anybody, but if Brees is out, then the Cowboys and Saints game will be a battle of the backups. Without Brees, the Cowboys injury situation will look just a bit better in terms of getting a victory.

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