Concusion Mouthpiece


Force Impact Technologies stole the show with an innovative mouthpiece designed to confront one of sport’s most controversial topics: concussions. Dubbed the FITGuard, this revolutionary mouthpiece actively samples rates of acceleration to monitor the amount of force exerted on athletes during games or practices. For instance, if a football player endures what looks to be a hard tackle, his/her coach can look at the mouthpiece’s flashing LED display to get a reading of the impact. Flashing green represents a fairly low impact, blue means it’s more moderate, and red indicates a high probability of injury. This immediately gives players and coaches an opportunity to remove a player from a game or practice, even if said player doesn’t immediately feel any concussion symptoms. There have been a number of firms geared towards curbing or preventing the effects of concussions, but no company’s product makes more sense than Force Impact Technologies’ FITGuard. – Rick Stella