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Cowboys News & Notes: Matt Forte, Doug Martin or Lamar Miller?

Latest Cowboys headlines: Playoffs are underway; which free agents would fit nicely in Dallas?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

There was no Cowboys football this week, but there was plenty of wild action going on during Wild Card weekend.

The Kansas City Chiefs would smoke the Houston Texans, 30-0. Despite the four interceptions by Brian Hoyer, it never got bad enough for Texans coach, Bill O'Brien to resort to putting in Brandon Weeden.

The Cincinnati Bengals came close to winning a playoff game, but a couple of personal foul penalties late in the game cost them their season. Vontaze Burfict and Pacman Jones tried to leave the game, but somebody made them come back. Big mistake.

Speaking of mistakes...

Seahawks survive in sub-zero temps when Vikings miss crucial field goal - Associated Press, SportsDay
It wouldn't be a Seahawks playoff game if it didn't have a crazy finish.

Blair Walsh's 27-yard field goal try into the frigid wind hooked left with 22 seconds remaining, handing the Seahawks a 10-9 victory over the stunned Vikings on a Sunday afternoon in their wild-card round playoff game in below-zero weather that tied for the third-coldest NFL game on record.

It makes you feel good that the Cowboys have themselves a reliable kicker.

Oh, and as promised by the NFL, the Washington Redskins would get to play in their one playoff game for winning the division. It didn't go well for them, but they will be rewarded a nice consolation prize of a late first round draft pick as well as getting to play the Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals next season.

Now, on to Dallas stuff...

Cowboys: Lance Dunbar Should Be A Part Of Future - Christian Blood, Fansided
Being without Tony Romo and Dez Bryant for most of the season hurt the Cowboys, but the loss of another offensive weapon shouldn't be forgotten about.

Dunbar is among the shiftiest and quickest players in the NFL. He’s the kind of guy that doesn’t possess the kind of top-flight speed that former Cowboys such as Deion Sanders or Raghib Ismail used to have, but his combination of small size and quickness are a rare commodity in football.

10 Thoughts As I Reflect On The 2015 Dallas Cowboys - James Robertello, Inside The Star
While one of the Cowboys kicker finally got some recognition, another one quietly had a great season.

Nobody wants to hear about the punter, but sorry, Chris Jones had to sneak past the NFL and took steroids or something this year (kidding obviously). He killed it after most of us thought he would get beat out by the rookie in training camp. He improved tremendously this year compared to last and was one of the best punters in the league all season. It’s weird to say but he was probably the biggest pro-bowl snub on this roster.

Dallas Cowboys didn't get contract-year performances like in 2014 - Todd Archer, ESPN
In 2014, the Cowboys had a lot guys in contract years who had great seasons. DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant are a couple big ones that come to mind. In 2014, they had guys playing on the last leg of their contract as well, but their performances were underwhelming.

WRs more disappointing than pass rush; what I look for when evaluating college QBs - Bob Sturm, SportsDay
Bob Sturm discusses what he looks for in a college quarterback.

Question: When you are breaking down these college QB's, what are you looking for mostly? Accuracy, poise under pressure, the ability to make a play when things break down, arm strength? What's the most important attribute?

Bob Sturm: Well, I want them to be able to make all of the throws, so arm strength/talent is vital. So, you look at the route tree and try to find examples. But, for me, the QB evaluation comes down to a few other things - pocket presence for sure - the ability to slide around and keep plays alive while feeling the rush. I am also needing great FBI - Football Intelligence. I need him to recognize what the defense is doing and not throw the ball blindly into traffic. Interceptions are a real red flag - that is why Winston was not as high for me last year. And then, I just need to know that he is the type of guy his teammates want to play with and for. That is tough to see through a screen, but I am trying to see leadership and respect given. Vague, I know, but this is all why we spend so much time studying these guys. And we also get many wrong.

Three Reasons The Dallas Cowboys Should Pass On A Quarterback In The First Round - Blogging The Boys
When the Cowboys go on the clock in the first round, maybe a QB is the best player left, maybe it's not. While there are many factors to consider, here are three reasons I'd be a little apprehensive about taking a quarterback.

Dallas Cowboys 2016 NFL Draft: C.J. Prosise Film Review - Ryan Ratty, Inside The Star
There is so much talk about drafting a quarterback, but the Cowboys should be on the lookout for some fresh legs at the running back position as well. Here are some draft breakdown videos of Notre Dame running back, C.J. Prosise, who could be a nice pick in round four.

Patience is a key with any running back and despite being new to the position, I think Prosise shows the ability to diagnose the blocking in front of him and finding the best hole with his vision.

A list of the Dallas Cowboys 2016 Free Agents - Steven Mullenax, The Landry Hat
As the Cowboys look to bolster their roster, it should be interesting to see what they do with their own players who will hit the free agent market.

Some of those decisions will be about their players with expiring contracts. Those free agents will officially hit the open market on March 15th. Although negotiations can begin three days earlier, on the 12th. Here’s a list of the unrestricted free agents that are expected to be available unless the Cowboys decide to re-sign them.

Dallas Cowboys: Future Cowboys? The top 20 potential NFL free agents and whether they'd fit in Dallas - Michael Florek, SportsDay
Or the Cowboys could go shopping for some new guys. There are some big name players on this list, including the ever-popular list of usual suspects at the running back position.

Dallas Cowboys: Are Cowboys not done with Tom Coughlin yet? Report says ex-Giants coach to meet with Eagles - Staff, SportsDay
One man's garbage is another man's treasure and it looks like the Eagles are going dumpster diving. Tom Coughlin is no stranger to success in the NFL and the Eagles might be trying to keep him employed within the NFC East.

Tom Coughlin, who won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants before stepping down following the 2015 season after eight years with the team, will interview with NFC East rival Philadelphia on Monday.

And we'll finish things off with a little bit of entertainment from those credible journalists over on First Take.

Cowboys Garrett Pinpointed By ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Hateful Demogoguery - Mike Fisher, Scout
Those fellas over on First Take decided to take shots at Cowboys coach, Jason Garrett, which is fine. Join the club. But Stephen A. Smith decided to go a different way with it and Fish is able to sniff it out.

Their usual bit is demagoguery disguised as debate: Skip yells that water isn’t wet, Stephen A. yells back that fire isn’t hot, and while the many respectable and responsible ESPN staffers who do wondrrous work at the network privately roll their eyes, the LCD audience feeds on the faux anger and renews its cable subscription allowing Skip and Stephen A. to pocket $4 or $5 mil a year.

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